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June 2019
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Celtic Spa – relax like the Celts did!

Our CELTIC SPA is an extraordinary ultra-modern wellness oasis with deep roots in Celtic tradition, breathing the spirit of Celtic history and mythology: Right at the entrance, you are greeted by the Celtic “Tree-of-Life Path” – and then you continue to immerse yourself deeper and deeper in this fascinating world: unique design, exquisite materials and magical light & color concepts produce a feel-good ambience in Celtic style.

The exclusive CELTIC SPA, which was completed in 2014, leaves no wellness wish unfulfilled on its spacious 1500 square meters. Also awaiting you is the CELTIC VITAL: This treatment area of the CELTIC SPA captivates with its effective therapies – both for your health and your beauty. The way wellness should be!

Hotel Norica ****s

The Hotel Norica is a superior category 4 star hotel which is located right in the centre of Bad Hofgastein, in the pedestrian zone, and meets the highest standards in every respect.


The Alpine Spa in Bad Hofgastein - thermal spa, wellness and relaxation in over 32.000m2 - the most advanced health and wellness oasis in Europe

Treatments for Body & Mind: CELTIC VITAL

Awaiting you at the CELTIC VITAL are effective treatments that embody the Celtic world. Highlights include treatment lines SIRONA VITAL and MEDUNA VITAL, named after Celtic goddesses of healing:

SIRONA treatments (baths, packs, massages) restore harmony,

MEDUNA treatments with milk and honey pamper your skin.

But the CELTIC VITAL program also includes many classic treatments, combined with total relaxation afterwards in the Pine Room along with a cup of CELTIC VITAL tea.

We offer many of our treatments in combination with our exclusive organic herbal therapy products known as LEALIN: Developed by Dr. Barbara Berling, a Munich-based physician and specialist in homeopathic medicine. Allow yourself to be convinced by the amazing powers of Mother Nature.

Sport your spa robe on the way to the spa resort!
One special luxury enjoyed by all guests of Hotel Norica is an underground walkway leading directly to Alpentherme Gastein. This heated corridor makes it possible to wear your spa robe from your hotel room to the spa – regardless of the time of year or weather outside.

Price overview spa
Hotel Norica Healing Gallery packages, spring & autumn 2018 * valid from 10.05. -16.6.2018 and 15.10. - 23.11.2018 (optional 30.11.)
* 16 / 11 / 7 nights inclusive Norica gourmet half board
* transfer to the Healing Gallery
* therapeutic entries incl. initial examination and final medical consultation
* physiotherapy (group)
* full body massages
* admissions to the Alpentherme included (optional Felsentherme 2 h)
* progressive muscle relaxation second Jacobson
€ 2.589,-
€ 1.784,-
€ 1.194,-
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Celtic Vital Spa-Menü

Price overview spa
Hotel Norica Celtic Energy bath - Radon bath 20 min € 21,-
Hotel Norica Celtic Mud Treatments 3 packages € 25,-
each additional package € 5,-
Hotel Norica Vitality Massage 25 min € 31,-
50 min € 59,-
Hotel Norica Special massages for example Lymphatic drainage, Breuss and Meridian massage Lymphatic drainage 30 min € 42,-
Lymphatic drainage 50 min € 69,-
Back massage second Breuss 40 min € 60,-
Meridian massage 30 min € 39,-
connective tissue massage 25 min € 42,-
Hotel Norica Children's massage With a small gift to take home 20 min € 31,-
Hotel Norica Trial days 1 radon thermal bath
1 25-minute massage
1 herbal or mud pack
€ 79,-
Hotel Norica Vitality weeks, 14 days Medical examination
6 radon thermal baths
6 30-minute massages
€ 360,-
Hotel Norica Vitality weeks, 21 days Medical examination
9 radon thermal baths
9 massages /30-minute
€ 520,-
Hotel Norica Vitality weeks, 21 days Medical examination
12 radon thermal baths or mud packs
12 massages / 30-minutes
€ 677,-
Hotel Norica Sirona bath Thermal bath with hand-picked LEALIN® herb pouch
Hotel Norica Sirona pack Mud Treatments (3 packs) and LEALIN® Herb pack € 49,-
Hotel Norica Sirona massage Massage on a wellness bed with heated water-filled cushions with glass suction heads using special
massage techniques with LEALIN® vitality balsam and LEALIN® protective balsam
30 min € 44,-
Hotel Norica Meduna massage Soothing massage using a body praline with milk & honey fragrance, Shea butter and a sumptuous herbal oil 30 min € 44,-
50 min € 75,-
Hotel Norica Face treatment PURE 50 min € 69,-
Hotel Norica MARiAS© Kokos-Vanille-Sugarpeeling & -package 25 min € 39,-
Hotel Norica MARiAS© Wildrose Bodytreatment LUXUS 90 € 99,-
Hotel Norica Toning / Firming Body strategist + firming, Active plant-based ingredients guarantee perfect tone and elasticity, restore moisture balance within the skin, and serve as an effective complement to all body-care programs. An ideal treatment during pregnancy. 50 min € 82,-
Hotel Norica Deep relaxation
Tranquillity ritual treatment
Precious, sensuous synergy with gentle textures ond aroma- theropy frogronces which, in combinotion with the power of the mossoge, promote o unique feeling of deep relaxotion for body ond mind. Conveys pleasont sensation of wellbeing, relaxes the muscles, improves blood flow, supplies deep·penetroting maisture and invigorotes.
50 min € 79,-
Hotel Norica Anti age
Longevity body treatment
A revolutionary body treotment in just 30 minutes guoron- tees visible results. The cocktoil of octive onti·oging ingre- dients with longevity complexes gives the skin sohness ond tone. The innovative Kobot mossage technique enhances the effectiveness of the treotment.
30 min € 39,-
Hotel Norica Anti-cellulite treatment Body strategist + cellulite mud therapy

Cellulite treatment with seo mud. The cold-and-warm effect stimulates metabalism in problern zones, resulting in clean- sing and slimming. The treatment guarantees deep-reaching re-mineralization, firmer ond more relaxed tissue, ond better blood circulation.
50 min € 82,-
Hotel Norica Detoxify/Remove Fluid/Relax Muscles
Body strategist + grotia giusti spa mud
Warm therapeutic mud from Tuscany containing calcium and magnesium has positive effects upon the whole body. lt relaxes the muscles, cleanses, mineralizes, ond nourishes the skin. After the treatment, you will feel fit and completely rested.
50 min € 79,-
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Celtic Sauna
In our sauna world, sauna lovers find everything their heart desires: from the Celtic Fin (90°C sauna), the Celtic Bio (60°C sauna), the Celtic Sole (45°C steam bath with 13 % salt content) to the Celtic Infra (infrared cabin), the Celtic Relaxation Room and a shower area with ice crusher to help you cool down.

Celtic Water
Our swimming pool is filled with the water from hot springs, maintained at a temperature of around 32° C, a perfect way to invigorate every cell in your body. And after your swim, unwind in one of three relaxation rooms – Celtic Silence, Celtic Dream or Celtic Senses. Modern lounge chairs and a magical shell to stretch out on add to your sense of glorious wellbeing.

Celtic Family
In our CELTIC SPA, the whole family is welcome. Awaiting you is a separate family area with a swimsuit sauna. This also offers guests who prefer a little more privacy to enjoy the sauna as well. If you wish to enjoy completely undisturbed relaxation, you can also book the family area as your own “Private Spa” for € 30 per person.

Gastein thermal water

The thermal water in the Gastein valley is weakly mineralised and enriched with natural radon. Studies have shown that the precipitation water trickles down at approx. 1,800 metres above sea level, sinks down to a depth of 2,000 metres, heats up while it is there and then reappears at an altitude of approx. 1,000 metres - it emerges from 17 different springs, which yield five million litres per day.

What is radon and what are the effects of this radioactive substance?
When taken at therapeutic doses, the mild natural radioactivity of this noble gas only has positive effects on the body. It escapes from the thermal water and enters the body via the respiratory tract and the skin. That‘s where it exerts its healing effect before being completely broken down again some 3 hours later. It stimulates the body‘s defence system and its natural warmth promotes blood flow.

The therapeutic success is further reinforced by the altitude of the Gastein spa region. Our body adapts to the altitude, produces more red blood cells, and the ability to release oxygen into the tissue is increased.
The Gastein spa regime has a considerable success rate. Up to 90% of patients benefit from it: they suffer less overall, their quality of life improves and they can cut down on any medication they may already be taking.
Radon therapy is above all used to successfully treat chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, of the respiratory tract and of the skin. Radon therapy also has potent immunoprophylactic properties.

Frequently asked questions

Opening hours at the Celtic Vital?
Weekdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 4 to 7 p.m.
Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Outside the regular hours of our Spa & Vital reception, our team at the hotel reception desk will be glad to assist.
Temperatures in the different sauna areas?
Celtic Fin: 90° C
Celtic Bio: 60° C
Celtic Family: 50° C, family swimsuit sauna
Celtic Sole: 45° C with 13 % salt solution
Celtic Spa: 32° C water temperature with massage jets
What kind of relaxation opportunities are provided?
20 recliners by the indoor pool
6 different relaxation rooms
Sauna quiet room with high-quality wooden recliners for singles and couples
Family sunbathing area outside the family sauna
Celtic Vital - Appointments?
We would be delighted to offer you an appointment that meets your wishes best. Please book your treatments as early as possible, and be sure to keep your appointments. We recommend that you arrive 10 minutes before the treatment is due to begin, which will allow you to get yourself in the perfect frame of mind as you sip on a cup of tea or a glass of reenergized Celtic Water from our own springs.
Canceling your Celtic Vital Appointment?
If you are unable to make your appointment, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled treatment time. Please note that, if you cancel less than 12 hours beforehand, or if you are a no-show, we will be obliged to bill you 100% of the charges. Thank you for understanding!
Late Arrival?
Unfortunately, if you should arrive late we will not be able to extend your treatment beyond the originally scheduled time. If you arrive for your appointment late, your treatment time will simply be that much shorter.
Out of consideration for the other guests, we ask you to switch off your mobile phone for the duration of your visit to the entire wellness & spa area. Our Celtic SPA & Vital is smoke-free. In deference to your fellow guests, please reduce conversation to a minimum and talk in a low voice in all areas.
Dress Code, Hygiene & Intimacy?
We recommend that you wear a spa robe and slippers. Prior to full-body treatments and massages, we recommend taking a soothing, warm shower (you are welcome to use our „Celtic SPA“ shower areas, if you wish). Our therapists are instructed to cover you appropriately during treatments.
Sauna Areas & Nude Zone?
Saunas and the relaxation zone outside saunas at the „Celtic SPA Sauna World“ are nude areas. Please use sauna towels to cover yourself as needed. In the saunas, as well as the saltwater steam bath and the infrared cabin, we ask that you make use of towels. Admission to the „Celtic SPA Sauna World“ nude area is restricted to guests ages 16 and older. The family swimsuit sauna „Celtic SPA Family & Water World“ (next to the indoor pool) may be used by children ages 2 and up when accompanied by a parent. We ask that you shower both before and after using the family sauna.
It is best to deposit all valuables in your room safe. We are more than happy to look after your personal items, though we assume no liability for valuables.