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Wellness oasis in the heart of Gastein

Shake off the stresses of daily living, treat yourself to moments of relaxation after a beautiful day of skiing or a day out exploring the mountain world of Gastein Valley and Ski amadé, and at the same time do something good for your body. Lean back amid the unique scenery of our impressive alpine world and enjoy, with all of your senses, the imposing, colorful variety of flowers and shrubs in full bloom or the glistening snow of the Astoria Garden Spa. Our garden, our glass pavilion and our wellness area invite you to unwind and dream. We guarantee you pure tranquility and regeneration.

Hotel Astoria Garden offers you Alpine-style wellness on 1200 m². Immerse yourself in a world of revitalizing relaxation and treat yourself to the virtually unlimited opportunities of our SPA area. Do something good for your body, so that your soul finds joy in residing within it!

Awaiting our guests is the hotel’s own indoor pool (our establishment is supplied directly with Gastein spring water, which also feeds our drinking fountain – a really special highlight for our guests!) for complete bathing enjoyment, as is a wellness area with steam bath, sauna, infrared cabin and hot tub: Feel the positive and stimulating effects of water with naturally elevated radon levels that regenerate cell function, mobilize the body’s own immune system, and rejuvenate you from top to toe.

Hotel Astoria ****

The Astoria Hotel with 70 top-appointed rooms, guarantees a spacious spa area, many culinary delights and much more for a magnificent holiday in the spas and mountains of Gastein.


The Alpine Spa in Bad Hofgastein - thermal spa, wellness and relaxation in over 32.000m2 - the most advanced health and wellness oasis in Europe

Treatments in the SPA area

With the help of our beauty treatments in the SPA area, others will quickly see how much you have been able to rejuvenate yourself during your holidays.
Beneficial baths and wraps, sensual fragrances, cosmetic treatments, custom-tailored massages and exclusive care products. Our relaxation artists in the Vitality Center await you with total professionalism – look forward to countless special surprises as you do something good for yourself!

The Alpentherme in Bad Hofgastein, right next door to Hotel Astoria, and the Felsentherme in Bad Gastein offer you additional wellness and bathing enjoyment raised to pure perfection. We will also be happy to make arrangements for you to visit the Gastein Healing Galleries.
As you see, we at Hotel Astoria wish to use all of the tools at our disposal to give you the pampering you deserve. Long-lasting results, regeneration, harmony – wellbeing for body, mind and soul – are the focus of all we do.

Price overview spa
Hotel Astoria Healing Gallery packages, spring & autumn 2018 * valid from 19.05. -16.6.2018 and 15.10. - 23.11.2018 (optional 30.11.)
* 16 / 11 / 7 nights inclusive Astoria gourmet half board
* transfer to the Healing Gallery
* therapeutic entries incl. initial examination and final medical consultation
* physiotherapy (group)
* full body massages
* admissions to the Alpentherme or Felsentherme Gastein (2 h)
* progressive muscle relaxation second Jacobson
€ 2.253,-
€ 1.553,-
€ 1.074,-
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Treatments Garden Spa

Price overview spa
Hotel Astoria Energising Spa Baths The inert gas Radon stimulates cell metabolism and promotes rejuvenation of the cells. as from the 2nd bath a consultation with the doctor. Duration 15-20 mins. 20 min € 19,-
Hotel Astoria Sea Salt Herb Bath The grains of salt and fragrant herbs dissolve in the bath water release the precious nutrients and creating a dulcet aroma.

Hayflower - stimulating, purging and detoxifying
Lavender - calming, balancing and mood-enhancing
Melissa - relaxing and invigorating
Rose - balancing and harmonising
25 min € 26,-
Hotel Astoria Full Body Peeling Massage The salt and oil scrub leaves the skin wonderfully soft and gives it a silky sheen. 25 min € 30,-
Hotel Astoria Mud-Back package The thick, viscous mud works wonders for muscle tension and rheumatic problems. It is anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, hormonally balanced and penetrates deep. 25 min € 32,-
Hotel Astoria Aroma Anti-Cellulite Wrap Stimulation of fat metabolism, targeted detoxification, increased elimination of waste products, intensive skin and body firming in the treated areas. 1 wrap € 38,-
3 wraps € 108,-
5 wraps € 171,-
Hotel Astoria Solarium 6 min € 4,-
Hotel Astoria Foot reflexology The massage is relaxing, soothing, stress-reducing, stimulates the blood circulation, detoxifying, purifying the whole body and activates an inner healing and detoxifying / detoxification process. 25 min € 30,-
Hotel Astoria The Power of the Mountains Back or legs, this special massage with stone pine oil boosts the metabolism and accelerates the blood circulation around the body. Oils and stimulating pressures help to relax the muscles. Back or legs 25 min € 34,-
Full body 55 min € 69,-
Hotel Astoria Relaxing massage with oil from 37 herbs from our alpine meadows Application of various massage techniques and herbal oil with the wonderful scent of alpine meadows. 25 min € 34,-
55 min € 69,-
Hotel Astoria Anti-stress massage Experience deep relaxation through a combination of foot reflexology and back massage. Do your body a favour, so that the soul has the desire to live there. 50 min € 60,-
Hotel Astoria Breuss Massage Energetic back massage which relieves mental and physical tension and sets the regeneration of under-utilised intervertebral discs . 40 min € 60,-
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