Hiking - from Stubnerkogel up to Kreuzkogel a treat!

Walking in Gastein Valley: From spring to late autumn the Gastein Valley is a paradise for mountain junkies and hiking lovers.

From simple strolls to challenging hikes - the mountains offer something for every demand. Whether on the trail of the Romans (walking on the remains of an ancient mountain pass) or from pasture to pasture - the walks through the Hohe Tauern National Park offer an unbelievable variety. And countless mountain huts invite you to rest and enjoy the delicacies of the region.
It goes without saying, guided hikes are also offered - the Spa Hotels Gastein are at your disposal to help choose the right one for your hike together - with a trained hiking guide you can fully concentrate on enjoying yourselves. For example, on the Schlossalm, this is like the "mountain" of the spa hotels! This leads to Bad Hofgastein (height 843m) above the middle station at Kitzstein (1,302 m) and up to a height of 2,050m above sea level near the "Kleinen Scharte".

Whether a relaxation hungry holidaymaker or a super athlete - the Schloßalm provides for active families as well as a change for rest or recreation. The Schloßalm is just pure enjoyment - at the Kleinen Scharte offers a fantastic panoramic view, ideal for a rest. Or hike to a small or large mountain , or a real Alpine tour - it's your choice - and of course the team at the Spa Hotels Gastein would love to help. If you are together with family you may even want to explore the high plateau of Schloßalm with a pushchair - in the form of a lake walk for example. However, you can also use the trails - everything is very well signposted - from the mountain station and back. And the Schloßalm is perfectly suited to enjoy alpine hiking and climbing trails - so as to speak, a multifunctional mountain - of which we are proud!

Hotel Norica Bad Hofgastein

Hotel Norica ****s

The Hotel Norica is a superior category 4 star hotel which is located right in the centre of Bad Hofgastein, in the pedestrian zone, and meets the highest standards in every respect.

Alpina Sommer

Hotel Alpina ****

Our charming and traditional Hotel Alpina in the centre of Bad Hofgastein has 67 comfortable rooms, a welcoming reception and lobby, lounge with fireplace and the popular stone pine lounge bar.

The highest suspension bridge in Europe

One of the many highlights: The highest suspension bridge in Europe - built by the Gastein mountain railway. Thrill yourself with the 140-meter long suspension bridge on the Stubnerkogel - this is both the first of its kind at 2.300 meters above sea level and also accessible all year round. Anyone can embark on an adrenaline rush of a different kind, just few meters away from the mountain station of Stubnerkogelbahn - provided you have a head for heights and strong nerves - because the bridge is too light to pass through! Via ferrata - the new trend - a variety of options in the Gastein Valley: - On the Schlossalm, hiking and climbing can be interconnected via ferratas, with difficulty levels from A to E, offering something for every skill level.

From the practice ferrata on the "Weitmoser" B / C to the "Hirschinger" and "Kleine Scharte" C / D, everything is offered, including a magnificent view! And countless mountain huts invite you to rest and enjoy the delights of the region. Of course, guided hikes are offered - the Spa Hotels Gastein are at your disposal and to help plan the route for you hike!

Family Hit at Hotel Norica Therme

The families at Hotel Norica Therme are doing well in summer, because all children up to 10 years of age are our free guests. Children are guests who ask for directions - you will find many in Gastein!

per person (Hotel Norica)
from € 426,-

The most beautiful hikes with our hiking guide Christian

Hike to the Bärsteinalm:

We can look forward to an easy hike with wonderful panoramic views of the valley!

The Tour: We will ride the bus in the direction of Angertal. From Gasthof Lackenbauer, we now make our way up to the Bärsteinalm, where we will take a break for refreshments. Once done, a 5-minute walk will bring us to the Kitzstein mid-station. If you wish, you can ride the funicular back down to the valley (€ 7.50) – however, if you prefer to continue hiking, you will stay with Christian and walk all the way back to our original starting point in Bad Hofgastein. For tired feet, we suggest a spot of Kneipp therapy on the Pyrkerhöhe.

Gastein’s Hot Springs:

Many myths swirl around the discovery of Gastein's miraculous water! Together with hiking guide Christian, we will set out in search of where the hot springs emerge from the depths at the foot of the Graukogel in Bad Gastein and then merge with the cold, clear water of the mountains.

The Tour: We will ride the bus together to Bad Bruck, from where a mystical waterfall trail leads us alongside the water and up to Bad Gastein. Imposingly, the Bad Gastein waterfall plunges down the mountainside before our eyes – a time to pause and sense the astonishing power of nature! The Erzherzog Johann Path will now lead us back to Bad Hofgastein!
For a different kind of liquid refreshment, we will stop by the Durzbauer Distillery, where we will be introduced to the fascinating art of schnapps distilling.

Hike to the Gamskarkogel:

At 2467 m above sea level, the Gamskarkogel is the highest of Europe's so-called "Grass Mountains". Something many people do not know: During her numerous visits to Gastein in order to take the cure, Empress Sisi also spent time exploring Gastein's mountain world, even managing to make her way to the top of the Gamskar. And so, we will now follow in her footsteps accompanied by Christian!
The Tour: We will first drive up to the Annencafé and from there continue to the Rastötzenalm. This is the actual starting point for our mountain hike! Making our way across alpine meadows and past pink rhododendron bushes, it will take us about 2 hours to reach the summit cross, where the Gamskarkogel Hütte awaits us and treats us to magnificent panoramic views of Gastein Valley! Finally, we will return via the Edelweissklapfl to the Rastötzenalm.

Hike to the Stubnerkogel:

This popular mountain for skiers also has a lot to offer in summer! One special highlight is a suspension footbridge with breathtaking views of Gastein's mountain world!

The Tour: We will first ride the bus to Bad Gastein. From here, we will take the gondola up the Stubnerkogel – getting off at the mid-station. Hiking past the Zittraueralm, we will make our way uphill in the direction of the Zittrauer Scharte. Once we have reached the mountain station, we will enjoy a short coffee break, then hike via the footbridge to the Stubneralm, taking about 1 ½ hours, where hearty snacks await us.

Sepp Poetry Path to the Biberalm:

Hut-hopping at its most beautiful! Your hiking guide Christian has put together for you a leisurely hike across alpine pastures, including two refreshment stops along the way!

The Tour: We will first ride the taxi shuttle to the starting point for our hike, the Brandebenbauer. From here, we will enjoy a relaxing hike along the Sepp Poetry Path for about 2 hours until we reach the next hut, at the Biberalm. Now, we continue along the Gasteiner Almenweg, finally stopping again for refreshments, this time at the Fundner Heimalm.
Here, hikers can look forward to a selection of sweet treats, such as farmhouse style donuts as well as a local version of French toast. Finally, we will follow the Vogeltennweg, which will bring us back to the valley in about 1 hour.

Treasures of the Hohe Tauern - Fascination of Crystals:

How were the Alps created and how are crystals produced? Our hiking guide Christian is an avid mineral collector and will explain to us the wonders of nature! He will also bring along some of his own treasures to show us!
The Tour: We will ride the Citybus to Gadaunern, Ortenstein. A half-hour walk will bring us to the Gasteiner Höhenweg. We will pass the Gadaunerer Schlucht, learning fascinating facts about the mineralogy and geology of the area. After a refreshment break enjoyed at Café Sonnberg, as an added highlight we will visit the Crystal Museum in Bad Hofgastein.

Family Hike Gadaunerer Hochalm:

If you long to marvel at lush alpine meadows in bloom, you will definitely want to hike with your guide Christian up to the high pastures! For children, the program includes organized fun and games in nature as well as refreshments at Waldgasthof Angertal!
The Tour: Together, we will ride the bus in the direction of Angertal. Passing the Waldgasthof, we will enjoy a leisurely walk towards Knappenwelt, where the adventure truly begins for the children's group. Experiencing nature with all of our senses and having lots of fun: that's what it's all about! The hiking group will march along the supply road to the Salzburger Almenweg, reaching the Gadaunerer Hochalmen in about 2 hours, where numerous rustic huts invite us to stop, relax and enjoy a snack. The descent takes us along the idyllic Salzburger Almenweg. At the end, both groups meet up again for the ride home.

Alpine Treats at the Poserhöhe:

Probably the best Kaiserschmarr‘n in Gastein - at the Poserhöhe! We will make our way through “Dwarf Forest” up to a wonderful rustic hut with great views!

The Tour: We will ride the Postbus to Kötschachtal. Behind Hoteldorf Grüner Baum, we begin our hike up to the Poserhöhe, with a trail through meadows and forests taking us on an ambitious hike steadily uphill. As our reward, the Poserhöhe welcomes us with magnificent scenery. After a well-earned refreshment break, a forest path and a 1 ½-hour walk will bring us to a forestry road, where we begin our descent across the Faschingberg. Here, we will make our way past the wildlife feeding station run by the Czerny family and, with a little bit of luck, might even glimpse a few deer!

Nostalgia Hike:

Led by hiking guide Christian, a short journey back in time – just like 50 years ago!
The Tour: We will get on the bus to Böckstein. The Böckstein forest path will lead us across the Windischgrätzhöhe and along the Hardtweg to Gasthof Reiterbauer. Then, we will return by bus to Bad Hofgastein. Energetic hikers may wish to return on foot along the Gasteiner Höhenweg to Bad Hofgastein (taking about 2 ½ hours).

Biberalm at sunrise:

For all of you early-birds who want to begin your day with a hike. Including breakfast enjoyed at a mountain hut!

The Tour: We will get our day off to an early start with a ride on the taxi shuttle up to the Biberalm in Bad Hofgastein. We will then set out on a hike lasting about 30 minutes up to the weather cross, where we will be able to enjoy the sunrise.
With a classic hill-country breakfast in our tummies, we will continue our hike to the Fundner Heimalm and enjoy a break there for refreshments. After hiking for about another hour, at around midday we will reach our final destination, Bad Hofgastein.

Nassfelder Weg to Sportgastein:

Untamed romance: this is what we can expect along the old Nassfelder Weg to Sportgastein! In winter, a paradise for ice climbers; in summer, imposing waterfalls right next to the path plunge towards the valley.

The Tour: We begin by riding the bus to Beckstein. Our hike first takes us past the famous “Evianquelle” springs. The water plunges off the steepest mountainside of the Pirnbacher in many small waterfalls. After a hike taking about 2 hours, we will reach Nassfeld. Numerous mountain huts await us on the valley floor of Sportgastein at 1590 m above sea level, inviting us to stop in for refreshments. We will then return to Bad Hofgastein by Postbus.

Pine - Magic Voices of the Mountains:

This hike will appeal to all of your senses! See, smell, hear! Together with hiking guide Christian, we will discover the mysterious Pine Path and learn fascinating facts about the "Queen of the Evergreens" – the Gastein arolla pine!

The Tour: Departing Bad Hofgastein, we will drive to Bad Gastein and the Graukogel lift. We will then ride this chairlift up to the mountain station! Together, we will now explore the Pine Path, enjoying the fragrances, listening to the call of the nutcrackers and looking down into the valley. From the Pine Path, our hike takes us up to the picturesque Palfnersee. Here, we will be introduced to the art of yodeling!

The Schuhflicker in Dorfgestein:

A picture-book mountain hike along one of the region's most scenic ridgelines, with wonderful views of Grossarl & Dorfgastein.
The Tour: We will ride the bus down to Dorfgastein. Now, the gondola will carry us quickly to the top of the Fulseck at 2000 m above sea level. Our hike begins and, in about one hour, we will reach the Arltörl - a traditional pass from the neighboring valley of Grossarl to Gastein. Now, we will hike up to the weather cross. Once there, we're just 30 minutes from the summit. For hikers who are a little less surefooted, they have the option to take a break at the weather cross and watch the avid summiteers make the final ascent. Together again, we will descend via the “Jaga Steig” and treat ourselves to refreshments at the Grabnerhütte. For the last stage back to the valley, we will ride the gondola lift.

A Happy Hike to the Leidalm:

Meadows in bloom as far as the eye can see! Hiking guide Christian leads you on an especially beautiful hike in Bad Hofgastein.

The Tour: Our hike begins with a lift ride up to the Schlossalm in Bad Hofgastein. We will then hike in the direction of the Maurachalm, continuing for about another 1 ½ hours to the Brandner Hochalm, where we will stop for refreshments. With our tummies full, we will make our way through the area of the Leidalm until we reach the mountain station on the Kleine Scharte. Here, at 2050 m above sea level, we will truly be able to appreciate the wonderful views of our mountain world. Then, we will enjoy a pleasant ride on the gondola back down to the valley below!

Gold Fever:

Hike in the footsteps of the gold miners! Our hiking guide Christian will set out with you in search of Gastein's gold-mining history – which will lead us to Sportgastein.

The Tour: We will first take the bus to Sportgastein. From the valley floor, a path leads us steeply uphill. After about 45 minutes, we will reach the Lower Bockhartsee and enjoy a leisurely walk along the shore. Our hike will now bring us to the Upper Bockhartsee - and with a little bit of luck, we might even catch sight of a marmot or two. We can certainly count on hearing their whistles as we hike!

Hike to the Gadaunerer Hochalm:

If you like to marvel at lush, flower-strewn alpine meadows, you will definitely want to join our guide Christian for a hike up to the high pastures!

The Tour: We will ride the bus in the direction of Angertal. From Gasthof Lackenbauer, we will hike alongside the Lafenmahder up to the Baldauf Hütte, where we will stop for refreshments: incl. Kletzenbrot & genuine hill-farm cheese – plus a selection of other mouthwatering products to sample.

The Power of Herbs:

What is that pretty flower over there? Herb educator Renate knows the answer and will share her knowledge about the herbs that grow in Gastein with us! We will collect a variety of these herbs along the way and then, while we enjoy a bit of a break, turn them into delicious products and sample them!

The Tour: Our path will take us on a leisurely walk up to one of the sunniest places in Bad Hofgastein and to Café Sonnberg, where we will take a break and get to taste some of the natural treasures we have plucked along the way. We then continue our hike via the Gasteiner Höhenweg in the direction of Bad Gastein.
We will pass the Gadaunerer Schlucht and hike through enchanted forests. As we make our way home, the path will lead us along the banks of the Gasteiner Ache and back to our starting point!

Water is our element
Water is our element