Freeriding & Powdering – superlative skiing enjoyment, now also in Gastein!

Freeride Gastein

31.12.2016 - You don’t have to keep pace with every single new fashion – but when it comes to freeriding, it’s simply impossible to resist: The ultimate skiing enjoyment for advanced skiers!

And Gastein Valley is more suitable for this kind of action than perhaps any other ski area: Whether you want to slice down the mountainsides on your own, or prefer to cut tracks across the fresh powder with the help of a personal guide, freeriding in Gastein is THE top destination for off-piste pros. The local guides have all the know-how when it comes to the very best runs ….

And so that safety isn’t neglected in the slightest either, the Gastein Lifts in Sportgastein have created a freeride competency center: the Freeride Info Base! The brand-new, high-tech off-piste information system will provide freeriders with the very latest information about hazards, routes and general conditions! You see, with almost 2700 vertical meters of perfect powdering and everything the off-piste fan finds so irresistible – safety simply has to be a top priority.

With that in mind, skiers now have available to them an outdoor screen with avalanche reports, a topo map, an aerial photo of the entire freeride area showing all the routes, plus lots more.
And everything else you need to know is available at the Thermenhotels in Bad Hofgastein, where they already look forward to welcoming all you “wild things”!