Mountains burn at the beginning of summer

13.01.2017 - When the longest day meets the shortest night, summer in Gastein Valley is greeted in an imposing way, with countless mountain bonfires.

Shortly after nightfall, observers might well think the sun is already rising again, above all the peaks at once, as the entire valley flickers beneath the flames.
Gasteiners are famous for nurturing folk traditions passed down through the generations. For example, fires at the beginning of summer have medieval roots, said to strengthen the power of the sun and keep evil at bay from man and animal. So, every year at the summer solstice locals hike up into the mountains and light their bonfires: At that awe-inspiring moment, Gastein’s mountains are illuminated, conjuring up fascinating fiery symbols.
And Gastein’s sense of hospitality being what it is, the event is accompanied by big celebrations to which guests are cordially invited. The lifts up the Stubnerkogel and Fulseck also run after dark, carrying spectators to the most beautiful lookout points. At many huts, this special night is marked by high-spirited music and dancing, while in the Alpenarena in Bad Hofgastein, hot rhythms promise a long, hot night!

Mountains burn: 17./18. Juni 2017 in Gastein