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Because we want our guests to feel completely at home, both at the hotel and in the region, we always have interesting and useful information to share with you.

Salzburg Harvest Festival with regional specialties!


13.09.2017 - When the bounty of the fields is being brought in, Harvest Festival is celebrated throughout Salzburger Land with a wide variety of special events.

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2 Thermalwater Swimming Lakes at the Alpentherme!

21.03.2017 - 23.08.2016 – Being able to languish in the hot spring-fed thermal waters and wellness oases of Thermenhotels Gastein and feel the immediate soothing benefits, turns visitors into loyal guests. Beginning with 9th of June 2017, “Wellness Oasis” Gastein Valley will add yet another unique offer.

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Use the spa for free when it’s raining outside!

Bei Regenwetter gratis in die Therme

14.06.2016 - Our loyal guests already know that Gastein is one of the most beautiful areas of Austria. But the fact that, on rainy days, you can enjoy the 32,000 m2 Alpentherme* for free, is exciting news!

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Celtic Winter Solstice at Thermenhotel Norica

Wintersonnenwende Bad Hofgastein

05.10.2015 - On 21 December 2015, Thermenhotel Norica celebrates the winter solstice – the longest night of the year. At the same time, incense expert Friedrich Kaindlstorfer will whisk you away into the world of the Ancient Celts: Guests of the hotel will be able to convince themselves of the powers of incense. Not only the name of the hotel itself, but also that of Hotel Norica’s wellness area – the Celtic Spa – were influenced by the Celts. No wonder, then, that the “Festival of Light”, the winter solstice, is celebrated here at the Thermenhotel: December 21st, the longest night of the year, fascinates with its Celtic rituals.

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“Hof Fest” at Thermenhotels Gastein!

Hoffest Gastein

19.08.2015 - At Thermenhotels Gastein, we definitely know how to celebrate. Especially on Monday 28 September, when it will be time again for our traditional Hof Fest!

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