Current weather in Bad Hofgastein

View the current weather conditions in Bad Hofgastein. In TBCs outlook, we encourage you to stay in our spa areas of the hotels or in the Alpine Spa Gastein.

Thursday 21.09.2017

-3.1° C
9° C
13.3° C
Humidity level 93 %

Live pictures from Gastein

Webcam pictures from the Gastein valley. Have a direct look with the webcams in the region. Best quality and different views available.

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Weather forecast

Outlook for the next three days in Bad Hofgastein. Lazy days and a relaxing time in the Spa Hotels Gastein. Whether skiing, hiking or wellness in the Alpine Spa, in the Gastein Valley a tasty offer can be found for everyone.

Friday 22.09.2017

-2.2° C
13.1° C

Saturday 23.09.2017

-2.5° C
12.8° C

Sunday 24.09.2017

5.1° C
10.5° C

Climate in Gastein

Gastein Valley in Salzburg lies perpendicular to Salzach Valley in a north-south direction. It is influenced by Central Alpine topography that often seems unwilling to let go its hold on weather systems out of the north, whilst sharing many of the weather traits that impact the inner-Alpine Salzach river valley. Bad Hofgastein and Dorfgastein are flanked by mountains on both sides, though open to the north and south. In contrast, Bad Gastein lies against a valley mountainside at some 1,000 m above sea level. The result is varying degrees of sun exposure and precipitation throughout Gastein Valley; which in turn means, nature lovers in Gastein see a completely different picture depending on where they happen to be within the valley.


In summer, the primary weather influences are out of the north-west, while in winter the valley elevations drop to deeper-than-expected temperatures due to the pooling colder air. Likewise, more precipitation normally falls at higher elevations. That said, here we see greater amounts at the lower elevations of the Salzach river valley since it is more exposed to rainy westerly winds than is Gastein valley, where the side mountains actually act as a barrier to precipitation. On average, Gastein experiences 208 days of snow from Nassfeld on, and 111 days out to Dorfgastein. The winds are steered by the valley itself and generally flow in a north-south direction.

Enjoying weather-independence in Bad Hofgastein

If the forecast looks unusually rainy or too cold, here in Bad Hofgastein it simply makes your decision to spend more time in the wellness and spa areas of your hotel a little easier. At Hotel Norica, the Celtic Spa invites you to enjoy an exclusive timeout. If you are looking for something bigger, simply stroll down the heated spa-robe walkway straight into Alpentherme Gastein, with admission included in the price of your room! For all of our guests wanting to indulge themselves in a spa treatment, our Celtic Vital area offers you a wide selection.
At 4-star Hotel Astoria Garden, our park provides a marvelous opportunity for guests to enjoy a stroll. In the hotel’s own wellness area, experience relaxation on a 4-star level. Also renowned are the numerous treatments offered in our beauty area, where we are happy to consult with you to decide what is best for you!


At 3-star Hotel Tauernblick and at 4-star Hotel Alpina, the hotel’s own wellness facilities are available for the enjoyment of guests. A hot spring-fed indoor pool (6 meters by 10, with a pleasant temperature of 33° C) promises total relaxation for everyone. All of this is complemented perfectly by a Finnish sauna, a steam bath, hot tubs and a Kneipp spa. For added enjoyment after your time in the sauna, we would suggest the “Waterfall Shower” or a session in the tanning studio.