Lift-Hiking in Gastein

Swinging from peak to peak is something you know from your winter vacation in the Gastein Valley. This summer you can also experience it on seven days. On the hiking swing days, in addition to the Schlossalmbahn and the Stubnerkogelbahn, which bring you a little closer to the mountains every day, the Senderbahn and Kaserebenbahn connecting lifts are also in operation. In one day you can explore the adventure worlds of Stubnerkogel and Schlossalm.

An eventful day is ahead of you

Starting in Bad Hofgastein, take the Schlossalmbahn up to the mountain station from 8:30 in the morning, test your "mountain safety" on practice via ferratas, the sure-footedness course or the slackline park with the spectacular 8m high highline. Numerous circular routes and via ferratas as well as the climbing garden entice you, true to the motto "Discover yourself in rock and stone", to try yourself out. There is something for every hiker. Those who prefer to take the direct route up can try their hand at six via ferratas of all levels of difficulty. Mysterious rock animals and ponds fascinate not only children. At the Kleine Scharte mountain restaurant, children's fun is guaranteed. From the guerrilla slide to the bouncy cushions and the children's playground, both young and older children are kept busy, while the perhaps already somewhat tired adults can fortify themselves and enjoy the panoramic view. With the Kaserebenbahn and the Senderbahn you cross the picturesque Angertal and arrive at the adventure world of the Stubnerkogel. The fantastic lookout mountain more than lives up to its motto "Schau'n und Trau'n", with its sensational viewpoints - the Talblick, the Felsenweg and the Glocknerblick - as well as the thrill of the suspension bridge.
Did you know: The suspension bridge is spectacular 140m long and one of the highest suspension bridges, which can be walked on all year round.
All huts on the two mountains offer musical entertainment in addition to culinary delicacies from the region. Cozy and quaint, as it happens in Gastein, it will be difficult for you to break away to see all the attractions of the mountain peaks.

Experience Lift Hiking

The lift-hiking days always take place in July and August.
The lifts run until 4 pm. So either you swing back with the lifts to the Schlossalm and from there you go back down into the valley to your starting point. Or you take the hiking bus from a valley station, no matter where it takes you, whether in Bad Gastein or in the Angertal, which will bring you back to Bad Hofgastein. End the eventful day in the spa and plan to conquer the next mountain worlds.

Other peaks also beckon

The mountain stations are always a good starting point for adventures. How about the Graukogel, the Zirbenberg, or the Fulseck, which combines adventure and summit happiness. Power places, biotopes along the panoramic path, mushroom trail and romantic chapels will enchant you. A forest playground and barefoot path are an experience not only for children.
The wonderful scent of the Swiss stone pines accompanies you on the Graukogel while you learn a lot of new things about the excellent properties of the Swiss stone pine during the "Zirbenzauber" (magic of the Swiss stone pine) and as you pass by you may feel the health-promoting effects of the valuable trees yourself. Relax in stone pine loungers or hike even further to the Palfnersee or Reedsee, in whose crystal clear waters the surrounding mountain peaks are reflected. On the peaks around Bad Hofgastein you have plenty of space to unwind and many opportunities to experience adventure. Everyone will find the right mix of action and relaxation for their dream vacation in Gastein.