Summer in Gastein

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Yoga – Pure Relaxation

Are you familiar with the world's largest yoga studio? You don't have to go to India to find it; simply come to Gastein! In spring and fall, the Gastein mountain world essentially transforms into a massive outdoor yoga platform. Breathtaking natural backdrops uniquely enhance the effects of the asanas themselves. One special highlight: meditation in the Healing Gallery. Daily yoga classes are also available at Hotel Norica!


Gently exploring nature

In the Gastein mountains, you often hear an exuberant yell, known as a “Juchizer”, which clearly signals that another hiker has conquered one of the numerous peaks, found a picturesque spot to rest, or is savoring the good hospitality at a mountain hut. Whether you're in search of challenging routes or want to explore nature with your little ones, the Gastein Valley offers boundless hiking enjoyment. Over 100 trails and more than 600 km of hiking paths are just waiting to be discovered!


In Search of Ancient Medicinal Herbs

Many unassuming plants line the pathways, yet they often hold a unique power and healing benefits. During a herb walk accompanied by knowledgeable guide Christian, you'll not only learn their names but also discover which herbs are used for various ailments. Allowing you to connect with nature in an entirely new way!

Conquer Gastein on two wheels

who cycles, rests


Lift Hiking

Familiar to us from the winter months, Lift Hiking Days offer a similar experience in summer as well. On these days, the cable cars are in operation, providing a rare opportunity for some summer “summit hopping” and exploration of the surrounding landscapes via easy hiking paths. In just one day, you can experience numerous attractions such as a suspension footbridge, the Glocknerblick viewing platform, the Felsenweg path, via ferratas, a playground for the kids, a slackline park, and even a park to finetune your motor skills.


Forest Bathing

Here, it's not so much about walking as it is about profoundly experiencing the forest! Did you know that plants release essential oils into their surroundings that reduce stress, have antidepressant effects, and even strengthen the immune system? During guided forest bathing sessions, you'll experience the healing power of the forest and enhance your own well-being.


Reaching the Peaks

When it comes to mountaineering, the journey is a goal in itself – and reaching the summit is the absolute pinnacle! With its 55 peaks, Gastein Valley offers the perfect challenge for every mountaineer, beginner or expert, with or without passages of scrambling or full-blown climbing. Especially the 3000-meter peaks between the Ankogel and Tischlerkarkopf make mountain climbers' hearts beat faster in pure anticipation! We strongly recommend engaging the services of an experienced mountain guide to accompany you on adventures such as these.


Harvest Festival

When lederhosen and colorful dirndl dresses shape the image of Bad Hofgastein even more than usual, when, in hiking boots, you are able to enjoy a concert performed by the Salzburg Philharmonic, when you are invited to join in the dancing everywhere you go, when the herdsmen drive their cattle down from summer pastures, and when the cracking of whips and clanging of swords echo from the peaks – that’s when you know, a very special season has begun here in Gastein: Harvest Festival! This is the time for homecoming festivities and countless traditional events as communities give thanks for a productive, and hopefully incident-free summer grazing season up in the mountains!

Taking a Direct Path to New Heights

Gastein's Climbing Paradise

In Bad Hofgastein alone, there are seven via ferratas (climbing routes with fixed cables) ranging in difficulty, catering to both beginners and experienced climbers. These routes are conveniently located one after the other, allowing you to return to the Schlossalmbahn mountain station via hiking paths in between. You can also hone your rock-climbing skills at the Bouldering Center and the Surefootedness Course.

Rustic and Authentic

Huts in Gastein

When the herdsmen and -women take residence at the mountain huts – typically in June – this marks the beginning of Alpine Summer, transforming Gastein into a place where you are constantly treated to a delectable selection of regional specialties. Along the hiking paths, you'll discover over 50 huts that invite you to take a refreshment break. Whether freshly baked farmhouse bread, smoked bacon, or Almkäse cheese produced right there at the hut –Alpine Summer promises a mouthwatering journey into traditional customs and flavors.

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