Herb hiking = hiking with added value

On lush alpine meadows, fragrant forest edges, in cool forests and on the banks of little streams that tumble over stones, you will find a variety of herbs and medicinal plants in the Gastein Valley. Wild herbs, which are delicacies by the wayside, can be discovered at any time of the year. Compared to garden vegetables, they often have a higher vitamin and mineral content. The secondary plant constituents even make many of them medicinal herbs. To learn the differences between the individual herbs, their special features and when or how to pick them correctly, a herb hike under the guidance of an experienced expert is the ideal way to start.

The treasures of the natural pharmacy

What many grandmothers still knew is that against every ailment there is a herb. Science has already confirmed the influence that herbs have on our immune system and the healing properties of many plants. For example, the dried blossoms of elderberry, which is not called the "farmer's pharmacy" for nothing, are an excellent remedy for colds. Many things can be made from the flower, from the tasty syrup to the anti-inflammatory oil extract to baked elder flowers. Yarrow is one of the most important medicinal herbs and is called the "medicinal herb of women". An old saying goes: "Yarrow in the body is good for every woman" No wonder it has hemostatic, antispasmodic, antibacterial, wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effects - a real universal herb.

Mugwort is a very popular herb, especially as a healing addition to fatty foods that are difficult to digest. It must be cooked with food and has digestive and anti-flatulent properties. A crushed ribwort leaf is an emergency remedy for itching and swelling after a mosquito bite. Syrups, extracts or teas made from this plant are proven home remedies for coughs and bronchitis. But also dandelion, sorrel, ground elder (goutweed) nettle, chickweed, daisy and cornflower are vitamin-rich and tasty wild herbs.

Discover the diversity of herbs on hikes

Herbal research can be done 5 times a week at the spa hotels. Within the framework of the guided tours with our hiking guide Christian, the plant world can be explored well. The mountain expert knows every alpine flower and knows which herb helps against which ailment.
You will experience pure relaxation already when you lie on an alpine meadow, smell the wonderful scent of the herbs and enjoy the sun.