Forest bathing in Bad Hofgastein

First of all, you don't have to be a forest ranger to love "Schinrin Yoku". We're not talking about a new Japanese food, but about consciously getting in touch with nature while "bathing in forest air." Japanese researchers discovered in the 1980s that the essential oils that plants emit into the air have stress-reducing and antidepressant effects in humans and lead to a strengthening of the immune system. The overwhelming nature of Gastein's magnificent forests, bubbling streams and fragrant meadows lend themselves to being consciously and intensively perceived during "Alpine Spa Forest Bathing".

Forest bathing - a holistic experience for body and soul

The intensive experience of the forest in conjunction with positive thought inputs ensures lasting well-being. The great thing about it is that you can fall back on this sensual experience in your mind at any time when the stressful daily work routine catches up with you once again. The effect is based on bioactive substances - primarily aroma substances of the tree resins and terpenes - which are emitted by tree trunks, leaves and needles and which are absorbed via skin and respiration. Unique and very different natural environments await you on the two "Alpine Spa Forest Bathing" forest trails in Gastein, which are marked as such. At several stations, the forest visitor is additionally guided to exercises that increase his body awareness and anchor him strongly in the here and now. These two special forest trails run along the Knappenweg in the Angertal valley and along the Wasserfallweg to the Annenkapelle chapel, each passing several places of power.

The concept for the design of the experience hikes comes from the nature thinker, tourism geomancer and founder of "Naturesponse®Waldbaden in resonance with nature" Sabine Schulz. You too will experience how your attention turns from thinking to the sensory perceptions and your body. The effective breathing and movement exercises are supplemented with positive thought impulses and thus ensure a permanent anchoring in the memory of experience.

On the paths you will taste, smell, feel on your skin and of course hear water - the life source of the valley. Find your favorite tree or stand in the middle of a group of trees. What does this do to you? Tree stumps invite a change of perspective, which is a good set-up for the exercises that follow on the let-go line. Throwing old disturbing thoughts overboard is accompanied by an effect-enhancing physical exercise; arms and legs are consciously tensed and released alternately. Reflect on the ups and downs of life's journey while walking serpentines. On the "center meadow" your own center is strengthened breath by breath. The chirping of birds and the buzzing of insects accompany you as you become completely absorbed in nature.

The forest as a therapy station

The basic question is first of all: when is the right time for you to go forest bathing? The great thing is that the trails are available to you every day from early morning until late at night. So you can choose the right time for you individually. The longer your stay in nature, the more intense the effect on body and mind. The color frequency of green alone provides relaxation. In the free brochure that you can get from us, you will find a wide variety of instructions for forest bathing exercises to get in touch with the natural environment of the forest. These very special exercises help to push everyday problems into the background and make it possible to experience nature in a playful way.