Trail Running in Gastein

Gastein offers itself for trail running professionals and connoisseurs alike. The numerous trails with various degrees of difficulty and the signposted routes of the Adidas Infinite Trails World Championships are predestined for this wonderful running discipline. Trail running also called long distance running off the paved roads, is the most beautiful way to move in magnificent nature and in front of fantastic mountain scenery. And the magnificent view, the breathtaking waterfalls or even the summit cross are the best motivator to successfully defeat the inner pig!
In Gastein, about 600 kilometers of marked trails invite you to discover nature on foot. If you want to take it a little easier or prefer to run more or less level on the soft alpine floors, it is best to get on the mountain railroads and save yourself the first laborious meters of altitude!

Trail Running Tips

Since trail running, in contrast to road running, takes place in the great outdoors, and thus also in areas where you can't reach for your cell phone to call for help or have someone pick you up, as the weather changes because there is simply no mobile network available, it is important to follow some basic rules and tips from professionals:

Adidas Infinite Trails World Championships

Already for years the Trailrunning Team World Championship takes place in Gastein! 333 teams of 3 people each fight here for the coveted title!
Gastein prevailed in the choice as a venue over 2 other regions, because the existing trails and the already existing infrastructure no further adaptations were necessary for an event of this magnitude!

If you want to participate actively in this trail running world championship or if you want to be there as a spectator from the beginning, you have to get up soon! The start takes place already at 4 o'clock.
Each team consists of 3 runners and everyone has to master one of the three given running laps. This is the 25-kilometer route to the Gamskarkogel with 1,900 meters of altitude, the 57-kilometer route with a remarkable 3,400 meters of altitude, which leads from Bad Hofgastein to the Graukobel via the Miesbichlscharte to the Zittrauertisch and the 37-kilometer round with 2,000 meters of altitude to Dorfgestein! So in total, each team has to cover 120 kilometers and conquer 7300 meters of altitude before they can enjoy the applause of the spectators in Bad Hofgastein!