Head for the peaks of Gastein!

Gastein offers excellent opportunities to enjoy the ultimate in alpine sports, mountaineering.
Why are we such fans of mountaineering? Well, it’s actually an umbrella term for various activities in the mountains, including climbing, of course, but also backcountry skiing, alpine hiking and trekking, leading you up to elevations far beyond the 1,000-meter mark.
A regular hike is nothing more than a “gateway drug”, so to speak, to full-blown mountaineering. For many, you see, at some point just ambling up the mountainside just doesn’t cut it anymore. You long for something higher, for more nerve-tingling excitement, for more challenges. In most cases, hiking and mountaineering only differ in terms of the route. The hiker mostly stays on established paths, while the mountaineer has to scramble in some places and occasionally diverges from marked trails.

If you want to switch from hiking to mountaineering, you should take it slowly at first. Don’t immediately try to conquer the first 3,000-meter peak you come across, since mountaineering puts added stresses on your body that you will need to get used to slowly. The higher the mountaineer climbs, the lower the air pressure and also the oxygen content in the air. When you are not getting enough oxygen, your body produces more blood cells, your blood becomes thicker and more viscous, and your heart has to pump harder. This can lead to exhaustion, dizziness and even to obstructions in blood vessels. But not to fear – through correct preparation and the right know-how, these risks can be avoided and you can enjoy your alpine tour to the full. Keep your first tour easy, insure steeper stages also have manmade safety features, and keep the difficulty just below your actual fitness level. When you are mountaineering, of course, you absolutely must be surefooted and have a good head for heights, especially since you don’t always have the opportunity to turn back if the going gets tough.

So, what does Gastein Valley have to offer mountaineers? A laurel wreath of 55 peaks surrounding Gastein invites you to enjoy leisurely hiking tours as well as true mountaineering expeditions to the top of one of the 3,000ers. There’s something here for everyone, whether rookie or pro. Everyone will discover an adventure to remember.
The 3,000ers between the Ankogel and the Tischlerkarkopf set the pulses of mountaineers racing in pure anticipation. The summits of the more remote Tischlergruppe demand a lot of experience. Caution is a must, since it is hard for people who don’t know the area to find their way back to the valley. We recommend engaging the services of a mountain- or hiking guide.
If you don’t want to get lost and it’s your goal to climb all 55 of those peaks, you shouldn’t set out without the “Gastein Hiking Book”. The new edition contains the 40 most beautiful mountain hikes, each one beckoning you to discover new adventures. Even in this age of the Internet and smartphones, the tradition of collecting stamps in a hiker’s passbook and ultimately earning a hiking pin continues to thrive. The Gastein hiking pin was actually designed by Gastein physician Hermann Greinwald from the Bad Gastein branch of the Austrian Alpine Association. Earning the hiking pin is hard work, no doubt, but it is definitely rewarding. During your mountain tour, you will press the stamp into your hiking book or passbook. Once you have enough points, you can stop by the local tourist office and pick up your pin! All proceeds benefit Alpine Association chapters located here in Gastein Valley. As you hike your way to the various hiking pins, remember that honesty is also essential to the spirit of the program.

So, it’s time to head for the Gastein peaks in your hunt for hiking stamps!

Beautiful Gastein peaks

Anyone who wants to switch from hiking to mountaineering should take it slowly and not immediately climb the first three-thousand-meter peak because the body is exposed to stresses during mountaineering to which it must slowly get used. The higher the climber gets on the mountain, the lower the air pressure and the lower the oxygen content in the air. When there is a lack of oxygen, more blood cells are produced and as a result the blood becomes thicker as well as more viscous and the heart has to pump harder. This can lead to exhaustion, dizziness and even clogging of the vessels. But don't worry - with the right preparation and know-how, these risks can be eliminated and you can enjoy your mountain tour to the fullest. The first tour should be something easy, with well-secured climbing passages and slightly below the trained level in terms of difficulty. It is especially important to be absolutely free of giddiness and sure-footed when mountaineering, as there is not always the possibility to turn back.

So what does the Gastein Valley have to offer for mountaineers? The 55 peaks of the Gastein summit ring invite you to leisurely hiking tours as well as mountaineering on one of the three-thousand-meter peaks. There is definitely something for everyone here, whether beginner or professional, everyone gets their money's worth.
The three-thousanders between the Ankogel and the Tischlerkarkopf make mountaineers' hearts beat faster. The peaks of the remote Tischler Group require a lot of experience, here caution is advised, because for those unfamiliar with the area it is rather difficult to find the way back to the valley. It is advisable to hire a mountain or hiking guide.
If you don't want to get lost and have set yourself the goal of climbing all 55 peaks, you should not set out without the "Gastein Hiking Book". The new edition contains the most beautiful 40 mountain hikes, which always call for new adventures. Even in the age of the Internet and smartphones, the traditions of collecting stamps and conquering hiking needles have continued. The Gastein Hiking Pin was invented over 35 years ago by Gastein physician Dr. Hermann Greinwald with the OeAV Bad Gastein branch. Getting the hiking pin is exhausting, but it is definitely worth it. During each mountain tour, the hiker stamps are pressed into the hiker's book or the hiker's passport; with enough points, the corresponding hiking pin can be purchased at the tourist office. The proceeds of the campaign benefit the Alpine Club sections of the Gastein Valley. Fairness is a top priority when it comes to obtaining the hiking pins.
So climb up to the Gastein peaks and go on the stamp hunt!

After your tour, it’s off to the spa

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