Huts in Gastein

The Gastein Valley not only offers its guests over 600 km of perfectly marked hiking trails, but also provides the right incentive for this sport! Because: What would be a hike without a goal in mind? Even if it is always said that "the way is the goal", it is twice as nice if you can take a break at a hut, enjoy the view of the surrounding mountain scenery and at the same time be spoiled with homemade delicacies from the region.

No matter which way you choose - whether on foot or by mountain bike, right from the valley or a little more leisurely with the cable cars overcoming the first meters of altitude - the alpine huts of Gastein are a must! And maybe you can even look over the dairymaid's shoulder while she is making cheese?

Huts around Bad Hofgastein

Alpine Inn Bärensteinalm

The Alpengasthaus Bärensteinalm is located at 1300m above sea level on the Schlossalm, directly on the H9 family ski run. You don't have to be a skier in winter or a hiker in summer to enjoy the fantastic sun terrace, as the Alm is only 250m away from the middle station of the new Schlossalm cable car. The path to the Bärensteinalm is suitable for strollers. If you want, you can of course hike to the Alm before rewarding yourself with the hearty, traditional. Austrian delicacies. Back to the valley, you can then choose a different path via the Baldaufbauern, the Fallwand and the bird trail.

Weinetsberg 22 5630 Bad Hofgastein / +43 664 5872051 / Opening hours: Open daily in summer and winter. Off-season times closed.


The Biberalm is also located directly on the Salzburg Almenweg. At 1734m above sea level on the west side of Bad Hofgastein, it offers a wonderful view over the Gastein Valley and to the surrounding mountains such as Ankogel, Stubnerkogel, Graukogel and the Schuhflicker.
The Biberalm can be reached on several paths. If you are traveling with a stroller or mountain bike, you can park your car at the Brandebengut and from there, passing the Hubertus Chapel, you can reach the Biberalm in just under 2 hours. Or you can choose the "Sepp Poesie Weg", a beautiful forest hiking trail. The third alternative leads from the middle station of the Schlossalm cable car via the Fundneralm. The Biberalm is particularly popular with children, because the petting zoo more than rewards them for the climb!

Breitenberg 15 5630 Bad Hofgastein / +43 664 5932045 / Opening hours: End of May to mid-October (weather permitting).


The Fundneralm at 1400m is located in the Leidalm area and the trail is an easy hike. The most comfortable way is to take the Schlossalm cable car to overcome the first meters of altitude and go to the middle station. From here it's an almost flat 30-minute walk to the Fundneralm. Somewhat more challenging, because longer, it goes from the Brandnerhof in Wieden first along the Güterweg until after 1 hour you come to the turnoff in the direction of Alm.
The most difficult path starts at the mountain station "Kleine Scharte" and leads via the Brandner Hochalm in 2 hours downhill to the Fundneralm. But the daily freshly prepared Pofesen and Bauernkrapfen as well as the petting zoo are worth this effort in any case!

Wieden 28 5630 Bad Hofgastein / +43 664 4880496 / Opening hours: End of May to beginning of October (weather permitting).

Grußberg hut

The Grußberghütte is located directly in the Rastötzenalm at 1740m and scores with its special alpine flair and with children with the nearby mountain stream!
The hut can be reached either in a leisurely 2-hour hike via the Kronwald-Güterweg or more challenging via the Gamskarkogel (starting point: Grüner Baum) in about 6 hours. For early risers the hut host makes his special alpine breakfast!

Kronwald 5630 Bad Hofgastein / +43 664 73815488 / Opening hours: Mid-June to early September, in good weather until the end of October. In the off-season please call!

Jungeralm - Kressebenalm

The Jungeralm or Kressebenalm is located in the Angertal on the side of the Stubnerkogel at about 1770m. If you want to hike uphill first, start at the parking lot of the Angertal and walk along the forest road towards Schattbach. The walking time is about 2 hours. Or you can hike from the Stubnerkogel mountain station in about 1 hour across meadows to the Jungeralm downhill.

Vorderschneeberg 159b 5630 Bad Hofgastein / +43 676 6537380 / Opening hours: Mid-June to mid-September

Planitzen hut

Like the Grußberghütte, the Planitzenhütte (1740m) is located in the area of the Rastötzenalm above Bad Hofgastein. The hike to the Planitzenhütte starts directly in the center of Bad Hofgastein! Either via the Wasserfallweg or via the Kronwald-Güterweg past the Annencafe, you reach the hut in a comfortable two and a half hour walk. If that's not enough, you can climb from the hut to the Gamskarkogel - the highest grassy mountain in Europe. For this, another 2-3 hours of ascent are to be planned. The Planitzenalm is also a popular biking destination for mountain bikers.

Kronwald 5630 Bad Hofgastein / +43 664 9311938 / Opening hours: Mid-June to mid-September.

Neudegg Heimalm

The Neudegg Heimalm, at 1430m in the Leidalm area of Bad Hofgastein is like the Fundneralm easy to reach. So either from the Brandnerhof in Wieden in. about 1.5 hours along the Güterweg (in winter, this is the toboggan run) to the signposted junction - on the right you can see the Fundneralm - shortly after, a little up the mountain then comes the Neudeggalm.
Or you can take the Schlossalm lift to the middle station and hike along an almost level hiking trail in about 40 minutes to the Neudeggalm. This is therefore also very suitable for small children!
Downhill hikers start at the Kleine Scharte mountain station and hike via the Brandner Hochalm down to the Neudeggalm. Sounds easy, but is the more difficult path!

Weineisberg 5630 Bad Hofgastein / +43 6432 3441 / Opening hours: End of May to mid-September

Rastötzenalm - Grubhütte

The Grubhütte is one of the most rustic huts in Gastein. If you hike to the Gamskarkogel, you should definitely make a stop here. This cozy alpine pasture can be reached on foot in about 2 hours with starting point Annencafe in Bad Hofgastein. If you want, you can also make a stop at the Rastötzenalm on your mountain bike!

Kronwald 5630 Bad Hofgastein / +43 650 2612415 / Opening hours: Beginning of June to September

Schmaranz hut

Also at the Schmaranzhütte, 1770m high situated on the Wiedneralm, the Salzburger Almenweg leads past! Sausage, bacon, bread and Almfrischkäse are of course homemade. As well as the home-brewed beer, the self-distilled schnapps and on advance order "fish from the mountain" from the own fish pond! A sweet speciality, which is only available from August, are the blackberry dumplings with alpine blackberries! The Schmaranzhütte also offers a very untypical but adventurous overnight accommodation - sleeping in teepees and tents in the middle of the alp!
The Schmaranzhütte can be reached either via the "Sepp-Poesie Weg", via the Schlosslm or from the Hubertuskapelle in the direction of the Biberalm. The walking time is about 2.5 hours.

Wieden 52 5630 Bad Hofgastein / +43 664 4717585 / Opening hours: Mid-June to mid-September

Huts around Bad Gastein

Bellevue Alm

The Bellevue Alm, located directly on the valley descent of the Stubnerkogel at 1265m, is a must visit! With its almost 600 (!!!) years ¬ it was first mentioned in 1421 it is one of the most famous and historic alpine huts in Austria. The guest list is endless and includes many famous personalities.
A private forest road leads to the alp, so you can also drive to the alp by car or walk from the valley for about 40 minutes.

Bellevue Alm Weg 6 5640 Bad Gastein / +43 699 10 45 86 57 /


A hut can hardly be more rustic! Surrounded by a forest, which can be described as a primeval forest and which inspires nature lovers with its wonderful fauna and flora. The alp is located at about 1540 m above Böckstein and rewards with a fantastic view of the Gastein Valley.
You can reach the Böckfeldalm from Altböckstein via a steep path from the Hotel Rader in about 1 hour or from the middle station Stubnerkogel via the Zittraueralm in about 1.5 hours.

Böckstein 5640 Bad Gastein / +43 664 73630153 / Opening hours: Beginning of June to mid-September

Bockhartsee hut

The Bockhartseehütte is located directly at the lower Bockhartsee at 1950m. It not only offers a more than impressive panoramic view but is also an ideal starting point for further hikes. Situated above the Böckstein Nassfeld, the hut can be reached on foot from the parking lot in Sportgastein in about 1 hour. However, the somewhat longer hike to the Bockhartsee from the Stubnerkogel mountain station via the Zittrauer Tisch and the Miesbichlscharte is also very popular. As walking time you have to plan about 4.5 hours. A speciality of the hut are the game specialties from own hunt.

Naßfeld - Bockhartsee 5640 Bad Gastein / +43 664 1832218 / Opening hours: Daily from 10:00 - 17:00, Wednesday closed.

Gamskarkogel Hut

The Gamskarkogelhütte on the highest grassy mountain in Europe was commissioned by Archduke Johann in 1828, making it the oldest refuge in Europe. It is located at the summit of the Gamskarkogel at 2467 m and impresses its guests with indescribable sunrises and sunsets.

On the Gamskarkogel you can either go from the Annencafe in Bad Hofgastein via the Rastötzenhütte, from Bad Gastein via the Poserhöhe, from Großarl via the Frauenkogel or from Hüttschlag via the Toferer Scharte. No matter which ascent you choose, you have to plan 4 to 5 hours of walking time in any case. But you will be rewarded again and again with very special views.

Gamskarkogel 5640 Bad Gastein / +43 664 9203679 / Opening hours: Mid-June to end of September Attention! In October in good weather also open FR-MO. Call before!

Hagener hut

The Hagener Hütte marks the transition from the Gasteiner Nassfeld to the Mallnitzer Tauerntal and lies between the Goldberg- and the Ankogelgruppe on 2448m in the eastern area of the National Park Hohe Tauern. The Hagener Hütte is a popular destination both in summer and winter, for day hikers or long-distance hikers, and is already managed by a family in the 3rd generation. The starting point from the Gastein Valley is the parking lot in Sportgastein. From there, an easy but strenuous hike leads to the hut in about 3 hours on the tracks of a historic Roman road.

Sportgastein - Mallnitz 5640 Bad Gastein / +43 664 4036697 / Opening hours: Mid-June to end of September


The Niedersachsenhaus at an altitude of 2,471m is considered the entry stage to the Tauern Heights Trail, but due to its imposing location on the Riffelscharte between the Gastein Valley and the Rauris Valley, it is also a popular daytime destination. The direct route leads from the parking lot in Sportgastein in a partly steep climb in about 3 hours to the hut. More leisurely but twice as long is the hike from the top station Stubnerkogel over the Miesbichlscharte to the upper Bockhartsee to the Niedersachsenhaus.

Sportgastein - Raurisertal 5640 Bad Gastein / +43 664 9143440 / Opening hours: Daily from 8:00 - 19:00


The hike to the Poserhöhe at 1500m rewards with a beautiful view of the Kötschachtal and the eastern side of the Graukogel. The Poserhöhe can be reached in about 1.5 hours from the hotel village Grüner Baum via a trail that leads over the steep, but well secured southern slopes. Or you can walk from Gadaunern over the Faschingberg and a long forest path to the Poserhöhe.

Gamskarkogel 16 5640 Bad Gastein / +43 6434 5333 / Opening hours: Easter until the end of November


At 1610m, in the middle of the Sportgastein valley floor lies this beautiful alpine pasture, which spoils hikers with homemade food such as bacon, sausages, bread, butter and milk. The Schareckalm is only a 15-minute walk from the Sportgastein parking lot. From there, hikes along the Naturschauweg to the end of the valley, to the Bockhartsee or to the Schareck are inviting. Bikers also love this hut.

Nassfeld 21b 5640 Bad Gastein / +43 664 3415703 / Opening hours: Mid-June to mid-September


The Schattbachalm at 1685m is located on the Stubnerkogel side in the Angertal. The hike to this new but traditionally built hut starts at the parking lot Angertal. From there it goes in the direction of Schattbach, past the forest inn in about 1.5 hours to the alp. It can also be wonderfully integrated into a circular hike: Ascent Stubnerkogel - Mießbichlscharte - Schattbachalm - Jungeralm - parking lot Angertal. The hut is located on an official mountain bike route.

Stubnerkogel - Anger 5640 Bad Gastein / +43 664 5112216 / Opening hours: End of June to mid-September

Stubneralm hut

The Stubneralmhütte is located at about 1800m directly at the snowpark at the Stubnerkogel.
It can be reached via several hiking trails. A path suitable for baby carriages leads from the middle station of the Stubnerkogel through a beautiful forest and blooming mountain meadows to the alp. Or you can drive to the top station and then hike down on an easy mountain trail.

Stubnerkogel 5640 Bad Gastein / +43 664 4636887 / Opening hours: Mid-June to end of September, winter season


The Veitbauernalm - also known as Pichleralm - is one of the traditional alpine pastures on the valley floor of Sportgastein. It is located at the western end at 1640m and can be reached comfortably and level from the large Sportgastein parking lot in about 1 hour on foot. If you want, you can combine this hut visit with a hike to the Schareck or, if you want it to be more comfortable, with the Nassfeld circular trail or the Peter Sika trail.

Nassfeld 26 5640 Bad Gastein / +43 676 4275562 / Opening hours: Mid-June to mid-September


This rustic, traditional hut is located in the middle of the Stubnerkogel at 1872m.
You can walk to it either slightly uphill (suitable for all-terrain strollers!) from the middle station of the Stubnerkogel cable car in about 20 minutes or downhill from the top station of the Stubnerkogel. If you choose this option, you must first definitely take time for the attractions! So visit the suspension bridge, Glocknerblick and rock path and then hike down to the Zittraueralm.

Stubnerkogel 5640 Bad Gastein / +43 664 73630153 / Opening hours : Beginning of June to mid-September

Huts around Dorfgastein


The Amoseralm is located on the western side of the valley of Dorfgastein at 1200m. Start is at the parking lot in the village of Dorfgastein Unterberg. The way there is called Bärenweg and is a comfortable hike. In about 1 hour you have reached the Amoseralm.
For those who want - and are happy to get up a little earlier - the innkeeper makes a real alpine breakfast on Sunday and Monday! On Thursday bread is baked according to old tradition.

Unterberg 148 / 5632 Dorfgastein / +43 664 4001887 / Opening hours: Mid-May to the end of October (weather permitting).


The Grabneralm is located at about 1715m on the Fulseck on the east side of Dorfgastein. It rewards the effort with a magnificent view of the Gastein mountains and for refreshment there are tasty treats from our own organic production. The Grabneralm can be reached via several paths: Either you start your hike at the mountain station Fulseck and walk about 1.5 hours along the Kraftsteig to Arltörl and then continue via the Jagasteig to the alpine hut. Beautiful is also the path, again starting at the mountain station, over the mirror lake. This way you reach the Grabneralm in about 1 hour. If you want, you can link these two paths together to form a circular route. More challenge and a longer approach you have, of course, if you leave from the valley or at least from the middle station of the Fulseck cable car. Or you can hike via the Hauserbauer on the Bergl to the alpine pasture. Mountain bikers also love this route.

Grabneralm1 / 5632 Dorfgastein / +43 664 2820717 / Opening hours: Beginning of June to mid-October (depending on weather conditions).


The Heinreichalm, at about 1680m is located on the western side of the valley of Dorfgastein, directly on the Salzburg Almenweg. Who wants can not only enjoy the fish from their own Almsee, but can even try fishing! A chapel also belongs to the Heinreichalm. In addition to the classic Bauernkrapfen, Topfenstrudel and Kaspressknödel, the Almjause with products from their own farm is simply delicious.
Coming from Bad Hofgastein, you can reach it via the Biberalm. If you want to start from Dorfgastein, you first go in the direction of Strohlehenalm and then continue on the well-marked paths. Bikers are also very welcome here!

Unterberg 121 / 5632 Dorfgastein / +43 664 9248501 / Opening hours: End of June to mid-September (weather permitting).


On the eastern slope of Dorfgastein, at 1616m lies the rustic Heumoosalm, also known as Neufangalm. One of the paths to the hut passes the Hauserbauer Hotel-Restaurant in the Bergl district. In about 1.5 hours you can already enjoy the Almjause!
You can reach the hut even faster from the middle station of the Fulseckbahn. Here you can already reach your destination after 1 hour! Right next to it is the mushroom trail, where you can learn a lot about the mushrooms of the Gastein Valley. The Heumoosalm is also an ideal destination for mountain bikers.

Unterberg 121 / 5632 Dorfgestein / +43 664 5347367 / Opening hours: Mid-June to mid-September (weather permitting).


The Kögerlalm at 1360m on the western side of the valley of Dorfgastein is particularly popular for its magnificent panoramic view of the Gastein mountains. The Drei Waller Chapel should definitely be visited as well.
A possible starting point is the parking lot in Dorfgastein's Unterberg district. From here, the Kögerlalm can be reached in about 2 hours. Further ascent possibilities are offered from Lend (at the Uferbauer) - approx. 1 hour walking time and from the Embacher district Stoffdörfl - approx. 1.5 hours walking time! The good forest paths also make the Kögerlalm a popular destination for mountain bikers.

5632 Dorfgastein / +43 664 4540143 / Opening hours: Mid-May to October (depending on weather conditions).

Präau Hochalm

The Präau Hochalm is the highest alpine pasture in Dorfgastein. It lies at 1808m and the Salzburger Almenweg leads directly past it. The Präau Hochalm can already tell many stories, as it has withstood all weather conditions for 150 years. If you want, you can drive to the forest barrier (first in the direction of Unterberg, then in the direction of Strohlehenalm) by car. From there it is then a 2-hour walk along forest paths to the alpine pasture. Mountain bikers also have to overcome 1000 meters of altitude!

Präaualmweg 2 / 5632 Dorfgestein / +43 699 10027636 / Opening hours: Early July to early September (weather permitting).

Reiteralm hut

If you simply want to enjoy rustic hut flair and the special alpine delicacies - of course from our own organic production - then you absolutely must go to the Reiteralm! Because this is located at 1470m directly next to the middle station of the Dorfgasteiner Bergbahnen. But of course you can also hike up to the hut! From Dorfgastein you pass the Hauserbauer on the Bergl and then take the Gruberwaldweg to the Reiterhütte. The walking time is about 1.5 hours.

Heumoosweg 5632 Dorfgestein / +43 664 4059838 / Opening hours: Daily from 09:00 - 17:00

Steiner Hochalm

The view from the Steiner Hochalm, situated at 1535m, of the surrounding mountain peaks and down into the valley makes you forget the climb very quickly.
For experienced hikers, we recommend the path from the Fulseck mountain station to Arltörl and Schuhflicker. Then continue over the ridge to the Paar lakes before reaching the Steiner Hochalm. Hiking time is about 4-5 hours.
In less than half the walking time you reach the alp from the Hauserbauer restaurant. Across meadows and through a beautiful spruce forest you can either walk directly to the Steiner Hochalm in 1.5 hours or a little longer via the Reiterbauer and across the Maierhofer Almen.

Maierhofen 127/ 5632 Dorfgestein / +43 664 4840883 / Opening hours: Mid-May to mid-October (weather permitting).


The Wengeralm is a popular destination both in summer and winter. When skiing the stop is enough, because the hut is located directly on the family downhill and on the "FIS race track Wengeralm". In summer, the Wengeralm, located at 1650m on the Fulseck, can be reached either from the middle station of the Dorfgastein Fulseckbahn via a forest path (also suitable for baby carriages) in just 30 minutes, or you can take the train to the top station and then hike - past the power spots and the Spiegelsee - to the hut. If you want, you can of course also start in the valley. A 2.5 hour walk awaits you.

Fulseck 5632 Dorfgestein / +43 6433 7257 / Opening hours: Daily from 09:00 - 17:00. In summer mid-June to the end of September.
and open in winter