Mountain biking in the Gastein Valley from the villages to Bad Gastein, is all go!

Who doesn't want a holiday not only relaxing, but also active this is perfect in the Gastein valley: and in the mountains! On numerous mountain bike trails,- of course approved, you will experience as an 'uphill fan' exhaustive hours on the forest roads and trails in the Gastein Valley. And the sight of the landscape will fuel your efforts, we guarantee - then you deserve a decent snack at one of the mountain huts - we reach the goal of your tour.

On the hills around the village Gastein there are numerous interesting mountain bike trails. Whether on the skiing mountain Fulseck or on the pastures of the Amoser. A mountain tour for the hardened biker leads from the village of Gastein, over the mountains, to the neighboring Großarltal. Many other possibilities lead to cozy mountain huts, such as on the Kögerlalm or Strohlehenalm.The most attractive mountain bike tours around Bad Hofgastein start in Angertal. Various circuit routes show you the ski resort in its summer offering. There are also numerous mountain huts that make your mountain bike tours in the Alps a culinary experience.

The most popular mountain bike trails in Bad Gastein lead to the Patschgstuhl and the middle station on the Graukogel. On the Patschgstuhl there is no hut to rest, therefore, this route is only recommended for very sporty bikers. Near the Graukogel station is the Graukogelalm, the aim to reach about 400 meters above sea level. Come for the mountain biking in the Gastein valley in the Austrian Alps and try out the various MTB routes. Experience the unique mix of sports, nature and culinary delights. The Spa Hotels Gastein will help you when it comes to selecting the right route - every day is guaranteed to be a new experience.

Conquer Gastein with the e-bike

With e-motor support over all mountains, that's not just a trend, it's a way of life. If you want, the sport still doesn't come up short. If some of the tours that the Gastein Valley has on offer are too long and too steep, these become a casual undertaking with an e-bike. A good example of this can be found at the Angertal Ski Center, as the climb up the 2,254-meter Stubnerkogel is something for those looking for an uphill challenge. The tours to the Patschgstuhl or to the middle station of the Graukogel score with particularly great views of the Hohe Tauern.

And since a tour without a stop isn't really a tour, we've made provisions in Gastein with a lot of great huts and alpine pastures. After the ascent to one of the Gastein alpine pastures, tired calves and empty stomachs are looking forward to being looked after. The Graukogelalm at 1,400 m above sea level is very popular. The view from the alp is beautiful and the regional products from our own production give back the energy that the sweaty ascent robbed us before.

Expertise and know-how can be found in the bike store of in Bad Hofgastein. In addition to the latest e-bikes for rent, the experts will also provide you with lots of good info and details for planning your next e-bike tour.