Breathe the mountains - Yoga in Gastein

In a time when the world seems to turn a bit faster, many long for relaxation and inner peace, coupled with physical fitness and health. A combination you find in yoga, which responds to all of those needs. Since there was such high demand from our guests, we now also offer “Yoga Spring – Breathe the mountains” and "Yoga Autumn - Source of Inspiration"

Yoga, which originated in India, is a popular way to develop body and mind here with us, too. “Yoga” is an umbrella term for a wide range of exercises and meditation techniques. On the physical plane, it strengthens and stretches, promotes balance and coordination, may improve posture problems and assist healing processes.
On the spiritual and mental plane, yoga might produce enhanced calmness and wellbeing, inner peace, concentration and personal happiness. This makes yoga an ideal way of combatting stress.

The diverse program during the Yoga Days is ideal for everyone. Aside from sessions at the hotel, during yoga walks and mediation by the waterfall, you will be able to absorb nature to the full and sense the power of the mountains.
The yoga program is accompanied by wellness, hiking, spa visits and pure relaxation, for that deep relaxation and renewed clarity you long for.

Sun salutation in Gastein!

Like many things in life, the first yoga event in Gastein was a jump in the deep end! At the time, no one really knew whether yoga and the Gastein Valley went together. Now, many years later, everyone knows: Yoga and Gastein belong together and form a wonderful symbiosis: YoGastein!

2 times a year - in spring under the name "Breathe the Mountains" and in autumn under the title "Source of Inspiration" the Yoga Weeks in Gastein now take place. At this time, the Gastein Valley becomes a single "yoga platform". Everywhere - in front of the backdrop of the Bad Gastein waterfall, on the summit of the Stubnerkogel, at the mirror lake on the Fulseck, in selected hotels, in the gardens and, of course, in the Bad Hofgastein Congress Center, yoga courses will be held for this purpose. About 40 highly trained yoga teachers - even from Hawaii - teach the participants in about 300 yoga units.

The fact that the Gastein Yoga Days have become the largest yoga event in Europe over the past 7 years is proof of how important such conscious time-outs from everyday life are for our bodies and souls!

Not only are the movements of yoga healthy and prevent or relieve so many aches and pains, especially of the spine, yoga can do much more. It leads to more mindfulness, joy and lightness and helps to reduce stress - even in children! Yoga requires a reflection on one's own "I" - listening to oneself and letting go are important components of the exercises.

Yoga works even more intensively in 100 percent harmony with nature. And that is exactly what the participants can experience here! The imposing mountains of the Hohe Tauern not only offer a dreamlike backdrop for performing asanas, moving fluidly to music or practicing breathing techniques, but they also act as an additional source of strength. So close to the 3,000-meter peaks, not only the sun salutation feels very special.