Breathe the mountains - Yoga Spring 2021 Gastein

In a time when the world seems to turn a bit faster, many long for relaxation and inner peace, coupled with physical fitness and health. A combination you find in yoga, which responds to all of those needs. Since there was such high demand from our guests in springtime, we now also offer “Yoga Spring – Breathe the mountains” from 10.6.- 20.6. 2021.

Yoga, which originated in India, is a popular way to develop body and mind here with us, too. “Yoga” is an umbrella term for a wide range of exercises and meditation techniques. On the physical plane, it strengthens and stretches, promotes balance and coordination, may improve posture problems and assist healing processes.
On the spiritual and mental plane, yoga might produce enhanced calmness and wellbeing, inner peace, concentration and personal happiness. This makes yoga an ideal way of combatting stress.

The diverse program during “Yoga Spring” is ideal for everyone. Aside from sessions at the hotel, during yoga walks and mediation by the waterfall, you will be able to absorb nature to the full and sense the power of the mountains.
The yoga program is accompanied by wellness, hiking, spa visits and pure relaxation, for that deep relaxation and renewed clarity you long for.