The Alpentherme Gastein becomes a "zero emissons spa"

The Alpentherme in Bad Hofgastein is already a showpiece in terms of energy efficiency and climate neutrality. But that is not enough for the people of Gastein!
The Alpentherme - with its 36,000 square meters, the six themed worlds and the two unique thermal water bathing lakes - is not only one of the largest thermal spas in Austria, it is also set to become one of the first "zero-emission spas in Austria!

In order to make the Alpentherme and the health center as "green" as possible, numerous modernizations and conversions have already been implemented and more are planned. For example, the entire system hydraulics and swimming pool ventilation have already been adapted and the heating coil enlarged. Thus, by adapting the system hydraulics, recovered thermal energy sources are now used by generating a large part of the required thermal energy by means of low-temperature heat pumps. In addition to a cost saving, this has resulted in a CO2 reduction of almost 370 tons per year!

"Green warmth" in the spa

The energy supply is also to be based on renewable energy sources. To this end, 975 solar panels were installed on the roof of the Alpentherme in summer 2023. This will allow 400 kWp of solar energy to be produced and consumed directly. The surplus heat produced in summer is fed into the grid.

In addition, the natural heat of the Gastein thermal water itself helps to save energy! Thus, the water, which comes from the mountain at about 47 degrees, no longer needs to be heated, but only the temperature needs to be maintained. In addition, the thermal water that is no longer needed - such as the wastewater from the radon thermal pools and the therapy pools, but also the water from the pool overflows and even from the thermal wells - is collected in its own retention basins and used to generate heat. In winter, even the ice rink of the Alpenarena - to be precise, the cooling of the ice rink generates heat - heats the Alpentherme!

So not a drop of the precious thermal water is wasted in Gastein!