Skiing fun off the slopes

On untouched deep snow slopes, glistening in the sun at icy temperatures, they want to conjure up their tracks in the glorious powder snow: the freeriders. But only those who get up early in the morning have a chance at the "first line" off the beautifully groomed slopes. Because the ski area in Gastein, which lies at an altitude of 2,700 meters, has long since ceased to be an insider tip among deep-snow lovers, as it simply offers the perfect conditions for this, actually very pristine, skiing pleasure.

Three golden freeride routes

The fascinating mountain world in Gastein makes all skiers' hearts beat faster. Quickly and without long ascents, freeriders - whether on skis or snowboard - reach dreamlike deep snow slopes away from the winter sports hustle and bustle in the skiing area of Sportgastein.

Variety offers the winter sports paradise Sportgastein in any case. On three marked routes, all freeriders - whether beginners or pros - experience skiing fun and thrills off the secured slopes in the Sportgastein ski area with its 2,686 meters. All three have a medium level of difficulty and are west-facing. For those who don't want to take the plunge into deep snow adventure alone, trained guides are on hand to help. Even experienced powder skiers can learn something new to enjoy the skiing pleasure in powder snow to the fullest!

Route 1 - Golden Powder

The longest of the three routes is the Golden Powder. It starts underneath the Goldberg cable car. The downhill run is 5,000 meters long with a difference in altitude of 664 meters. But there is more!

Route 2 - Golden Rush

Those who still have enough strength in their legs can then plunge down the 2,000-meter-long Golden Rush into the valley. Especially the steep passages in the middle part are a pleasure for experienced freeriders. The route ends directly in front of the Goldbergbahn valley station.

Route 3 - Golden Ride

If you want to start small, the Golden Ride might be something for you! Only 666 meters long and with 176 meters difference in altitude, this is the shortest of the three routes. The entry point is at the valley station of the Kreuzkogel drag lift.
Tip: It's worth taking a few steps on foot up to the summit! From here the view of the mountain panorama is a dream.

Nothing stands in the way of a wonderful day in the open country!

checklist for free riding

Those who venture into the open terrain away from the secured slopes should also be aware that in addition to the beautiful descents, possible dangers can also lurk in the mountains. So if you want to be on the safe side, inquire at the Gastein mountain railroads or take an experienced guide - this is especially true for anyone who wants to experience freeriding in Gastein for the first time.

But regardless of this, it is important to keep the following tips in mind:

- Check the avalanche situation report before you start
- keep an eye on the weather and weather changes
- regular training for the correct use of equipment
- Save emergency numbers in your cell phone
- check the condition of the snow before setting off
- always keep enough distance to the "competitors" on steep and difficult slopes

This definitely belongs in every airbag backpack:
- Avalanche beeper
- Avalanche probe
- shovel

Safety check at the Freeride Info Base

As soon as the avalanche beeper has been checked for functionality at the Freeride Info Base in the mountain station free of charge, the skiing fun can begin. In addition to the beeper tester, deep snow skiers can also obtain interesting facts about the routes at the Freeride Competence Center of Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG in Sportgastein. A glance at the info screens reveals the latest info and safety tips.

From freeriding to the spa

Variety is not only in the snow. Before the freeriders romp around in the open terrain again the next day and look for their adrenaline kick, it's time to relax. A pampering program at the Thermenhotels Gastein gets tired muscles back on their feet. A sauna visit in the Alpentherme Gastein with subsequent cooling off in the unique thermal water sauna lake not only perfectly regenerates the body, but also protects against possible chills. And since the crystal-clear mountain air and the sporting exertion are known to make you really hungry, we spoil you in the thermal spa hotels Gastein with our evening menu. So you start the next morning with full energy for a new tour!


If you need a break and want to watch others freeride, Gastein is also the place to be. Every year (since 2017) freeriders meet at the Open Faces on the Mauskarspitze to collect points and qualify for the Open Faces Freeride World Tour. In the Public View Area you can not only get up close and personal but also join the party!