Alpen Therme Bad Hofgastein - the most advanced health and wellness oasis in Europe

With a lot of variety and fun or pure relaxation the guests of the Gastein Valleys Alpine Spa in Gastein are pampered: This offering - framed by a unique mountain panorama - over an area of 36.000m2, provides everything your heart desires for wellness / spa.

Sauna World with a mountain lake, leisure and wellness areas, Relax World for rest and relaxation, Family World (fun for the whole family) or Ladies World (because here the fairer sex has it all to themselves). This really is a new dimension that offers something for everyone. The Alpine Spa Gastein offers a variety of recreational experiences for parents and children.

For example, there is the 110m long black hole rafting slide, speed slides, the lazy-river flow canal, the multi-media experience dome, the TV-video room and the toddler area for the little ones - this is pure adventure ! A little bit of courage is needed if you go to the start of the speed slide: at breath-taking speed it goes into depths. The time measurement reveals who is the fastest. The Black Hole Rafting slide provides an entertaining stopover in Europe's most modern alpine health and leisure world.

Relaxation and enjoyment in the Alpine Spa Gastein

Unique Relaxation: Relax World at the Alpine Spa Gastein! Rushing from appointment to appointment, on a daily basis - relaxation is almost always too short nowadays. If so, then you may have the feeling that even relaxation is under some kind of pressure: Relaxation times only between 16.00 - 18.00?
This is certainly not as defined by our "maker"! And this desire - namely for real relaxation - you have on account at Relax World in the Alpine Spa Gastein. This is what has made Relax World - bit by bit a comprehensive oasis was established, according to the wishes of our guests, which allowed for a variety of options in order for you to truly relax from the daily routine and ultimately say goodbye to stress. Experience the unique tranquillity pool with air bubble beds, or enjoy the warmth of the hot whirlpools.

Or treat yourself to a few restful hours lazing in the oases and you will see: the hustle and bustle of everyday life is quickly forgotten - the stress of daily life evaporates as if by magic - the fire flue in Relax World in the spa acts so as to relax the mind and soul. Culinary delights at the Alpine Spa Gastein: Light & Healthy! Light and Healthy: The self-service restaurant is directly accessible from the Alpine Spa Gastein and provides, in addition to daily changing daily specials, a salad and cake buffet, naturally snacks for children & adolescents are available throughout the day - satisying both small and large appetites.

Let yourself be inspired by the Relax World

Relax World offers you, indoor and outdoor spa pools, an activity pool with water programme and fitness trainer, hot spring pool, air bubble beds, massage jets, resting areas with panoramic views of the mountains of Gastein, sunbathing area, sun roof terrace, 25-meter lap pool, infrared cabin and geysers! The hottest area in Alpine Spa Gastein- Sauna World! Sauna - the epitome of wellness, the origin of all temples of wellness and for many the be-all and end-all when it comes to relaxing ..... For this reason, we have created a private sauna village in the Alpine Spa Gastein - wood, stone and glass - here you can forget your everyday life. The sauna village was laid out in the middle of the spa park, where a special experience awaits you - and to cool down can immerse yourself in a cool mountain lake. But sauna is of course not just a sauna - a variety of different options are at your disposal. And one of the highlights is the Cascadia sauna - including a super-sized sauna room that can accommodate up to 60 people. Daily organised special isessions make the sauna a special ritual - and there's a bonus, the view out to the Gastein mountains through the glass doors of the rest room - simply spectacular and truly unique. Inside, there is also a colour-coordinated sauna: Here wellbeing is written large, the temperature is 50 - 60 degrees, but not too hot. Even the humidity is a max. of 55% which is comfortable and not irritating! The pine sauna is a classic: the stone pine is rich in essential oils and a traditional native species. The temperature is between 85 and 95 degrees and is infused with fresh Gastein spring water. Here is where the classic interplay of heat and subsequent cooling increases the body's defenses and gives new energy - relaxation, sedation, and where a recharging of the batteries is in effect. Very trendy - and rightly so - is the infrared sauna: here deep heat is called for, the infrared radiation penetrates evenly into the skin layers - the depth is about five inches, the temperatures are a moderate 40 - 50 degrees - you can stay in the infrared cabin and be amazed how relaxing it is. As the early Greeks and Romans knew, the beneficial effects of the warm steam vapour is immense - enjoy it at about 50 degrees in the steam room. Laconium is the heating of walls, floors, seats and loungers, going from temperatures of 40-45 degrees with low humidity, an all-round warming haven, increasing the regenerative effect.

Salt - white gold in the past - forms the basis of your experience in the Salt Grotto: The brine bath, at 43-46 degrees, has a long tradition - strengthening the immune system, promoting blood circulation and activating the self-healing powers of the body - the main features of this system. The vapour is mixed with salt brine, thus the skin is cleansed and silky smooth. Accompany your visit to Sauna World at the Alpine Spa Gastein in relaxation rooms with water beds and comfortable relaxation beds. Because after a visit to Sauna World rest is pivotal. Only in this way can the whole power of relaxation have an optimal effect. Of course, cooling and refreshment is called for - here the water bar is available - at the four water columns (different stone and stone mixtures form the basis), the thirst for the sauna sessions will be quenched. And in the sauna bar there are matching drinks that bring the sauna fluid and electrolyte balance back to an equilibrium: Why not try refreshing buttermilk or a freshly squeezed fruit juice. Outside of the sauna another superlative can be found - the 600 m2 Cascadia sauna, a true highlight which makes the sauna a special experience: This area is spread over 2 floors and offers visitors a completely separate world in impressive style with a fountain sculpture, from which pure spring water flows, to exclusive quiet zones. The Cascadia sauna can accommodate up to 60 people, with special hourly infusions and cooled down under acold water cave or mountain waterfall shower .... The heart of the sauna is the feel-good atmosphere - temperatures of 50 degrees - 60 degrees and a maximum of 55% humidity ensures a gentle, pleasant dry climate - well-being for mind and body is called for. the outside world of the sauna area is the Finnish loft sauna: here the temperature is not as high as in the classic, Finnish sauna, as it is only 70 to 80 degrees. Aroma oils provide soothing relaxation, but are calming and charge the batteries and enable you to reenergise. The classic should not be missed: The Finnish Sauna - so as to speak, the original standard and popular with die-sauna-goers - from 80 to 90 degrees for the hardened sauna experience. Have we mentioned the hot & cold mountain lake in the sauna village, the naturist sauna garden and the spacious shower house yet - all these complete the Sauna World in the Alpine Spa Gastein and confirms this as Europe's most modern health and wellness oasis.

The Gym: Fitness recharge - driving performance whilst having fun!

The joy of training - it's what makes the training during your spa and fitness stay in the Gastein Valley: The latest sports equipment, spacious facilities, facilities for gymnastics and stretching, a chill out zone and of course direct access to the thermal area - simply unique! The following facilities are available in your spa with fitness centre :, weight and fitness areas, cardio zone with exercise bikes, treadmills, indoor cycling, rowing machine, cross trainer, weight machines, wall bars, gymnastics and stretching zone, gymnastics room, direct access from the gym to the thermal area, bar and chill out zone!

Beauty Residence - When relaxing, then it feels so right! And there the desire for beauty and well-being is not far away - in the Beauty Residence at the Alpine Spa Gastein: Here you will find individually tailored massages for men and women such as gentle massages that smooth fine lines, masks, skin energising, algae and slimming treatments - your visit to the Alpine Spa Gastein is the best opportunity for relaxing massage treatments and beauty services.