Culinary delights at the Thermenhotels Gastein

The secrets of the heavenly delights in the thermal hotels of Gastein are actually quickly explained: A well-coordinated team with a lot of know-how in the kitchen, high-quality ingredients from the region and perfect service with great attention to detail.
With us in the mountains, sustainability simply tastes even better! The fragrant meadows of the alpine pastures around Gastein not only gladden the hearts of hikers in summer, they also provide the spicy herbs that give the cheese made from the milk of Gastein's alpine cattle its incomparable taste. 1300 sheep and 500 cattle spend the alpine summer on the cooperative alp. The animals are milked and the daily yield of 1500 liters of milk is processed into butter, cheese and curd. The aroma of the mountain herbs makes these dairy products so wonderful in taste, lives in every bite of
gschmackigen mountain cheese lives the memory of a sunny summer day on peaceful alpine meadows.

The guarantor for the quality of the meat dishes we serve is not only our chefs, but also master butcher Paul Bayr. The winner of numerous professional competitions knows every step of production personally - from slaughter to the finished product. This traditional Bad Gastein company is the guarantor that sustainably produced meat from the region ends up on your plates.

The well-groomed cuisine in the Hotel Norica is a feel-good factor

Eating and drinking well is an important part of Austrian hospitality. This hospitality is lived naturally in the hotels of the Czerny family with a culinary pampering program.
Enjoyment at Hotel Norica begins with breakfast with a rich breakfast buffet. Local specialties such as fine bacon, farmer's bread, alpine butter and cheese and much more are served for the Sunday breakfast.
If you have booked half-board, we will pamper you for dinner in addition to the 4-course menu of your choice once a week, alternating with a gala dinner, salad starter, dessert and delicacy buffet. Let yourself be amazed by the variety of Austrian pastries and indulge in Gastein delicacies such as roast pork or honey tenderloin, a chestnut beer and, finally, something high-proof from the schnapps wagon.
Dinner time is long and fresh air makes you hungry! Strengthen yourself in winter - daily from 3 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. - with a small afternoon snack with sausages, soup, pasta and cake. In summer we bridge the time for dinner with a small vitality buffet.

After Dinner

The high-proof specialties of the Gastein Valley round off a delicious meal in our houses. First and foremost is our Norica Therme Gin. This composition of juniper berries and mountain herbs is distilled on the Schmaranzgut. This organic farm supplies various farm products such as bacon, butter and sausages as well as home distilled and even home brewed. By the way: The Norica Gin is also available as a vacation in liquid form in our store to take home!
We will be happy to spoil you with a selection from the large assortment of the Gasteiner Edelbrennerei Durzbauer. Since 1850, the Wallner family's farm has been producing berry brandies, pome or stone fruit brandies from aromatic berries and hand-picked fruit, which are additionally refined by storage in oak barrels. The specialty brandies with and from gentian, stone pine and herbs awaken your spirits and the velvety liqueurs caress your palate. The selection of noble products is huge and can be tasted directly in the Durzbauer show distillery. During a tasting, you will not only learn the path from fruit to distillate, but your perception of the individual nuances of taste will also be trained and sharpened.

Liqueurs, brandies and spirits of another distillery we serve for good reason in our houses, these are true treasures of the art of distillation. The mountain distillery Hausebengut in Bad Gastein is operated within the framework of a farm, which is run according to organic farming methods. Several times a year you can look over the shoulder of the master distiller or you can stop for a drink on the terrace with a view over the entire upper Gastein valley.

Gastein and good food belong together

Our kitchens offer something for every taste and we naturally cater to the wishes of our guests. Culinary theme evenings with Gastein specialties and indulgent buffets to gala dinners leave nothing to be desired. Friends of good food are also attracted to the restaurant in the carefully renovated vaults of the former Hotel Moser, which is now embedded in the building complex of the Hotel Norica. Good food is not to be imagined from Gastein also outside of our houses, away. Everything the heart, or rather the palate, desires can be found almost around the corner. Culinary is much possible in Bad Hofgastein: Vegetarian and vegan dishes feast in the restaurant "Kraut und Rüben", a breath of Italy blows in the "Pane e Vino", home-brewed beer and dishes from the open fire enjoy in the "Schmaranzbräu", Greek feast in the "Sirtaki" or indulge in one of the excellent pastry shops with sweets. The small or big hunger can be satisfied by the efficient hiker and the eager skier best in one of the numerous huts. In the "Annencafe" Austrian delicacies from meat dumplings to Kaiserschmarren are served. The "Weitmoseralm" is also the favorite hut for many because of the fantastic "Schwarzbeernocken". For refreshment on a strenuous ski day, the "Junger Stuben" on the Stubnerkogel attracts with fluffy farmer's doughnuts. During your vacation in Gastein, you will not miss out on good food and drink, neither in the valley nor on the mountain.