Because the best is very close

The beautiful alpine meadows around Gastein not only nourish our hiking soul with their fragrant flower dress or entice us with rustic alpine huts in winter. Much of what tastes so good in Gastein and the spa hotels has its origins in the fragrant alpine meadows in the Gastein mountains.
The 50 managed alpine pastures of the Gastein Valley are the summer residence of hundreds of sheep, goats and cattle, whose milk is processed into tangy cheese, golden butter and creamy curd. The young bulls also spend most of their lives in the mountain pastures, where they eat the spicy herbs that give their meat its unmistakable flavor. Here in the valley, these basic ingredients meet people with a lot of know-how, for whom hospitality and enjoyment have always been a matter close to their hearts. The result is culinary delights in a class of their own.

Food brings joie de vivre

Good food keeps body and soul together, they say, we go one step further and think that good drinking is also part of it. From Thalheim water, from the oldest Styrian spring of medicinal water, to selected wines or Maroni beer, to our own handmade gin, we like to spoil our guests with exceptional beverages.
We celebrate very special regional foods at our Sunday breakfast. The breakfast pastries come from organic farmers, the eggs from the Schmaranzgut and the spicy alpine cheese from the Nassfeld mountain pastures.
The best way to cook is with local ingredients, we in Gastein have always known that. Let us spoil you with Gastein delicacies at the Schmankerlbuffet in the Norica or convince you of the creations of our kitchen team at the gala dinner. You will also be pleasantly surprised how versatile the traditional Austrian cuisine is in the Hotel Alpina. With the pampering half-board of the Thermenhotels Gastein you are well provided for in terms of culinary joie de vivre. If you explore the valley while hiking or on skis, you will come across Salzburg specialties everywhere. From farmer's doughnuts with "Grant'n" (= cranberries!), to spicy rye bread for a hearty farmer's snack, every alpine hut has its specialty that you simply have to taste.