Events, music, art and culture

One event follows the next: traditional festivals, concerts, dance evenings, cultural events - and all this in the beautiful setting of Gastein. This and much more is promised by the Gastein Summer of Art and Culture! And not only that! Winter also has it all! As soon as the first snow falls, Gastein Advent is not far away. And already before Christmas, Gastein becomes an open air stage for numerous music events, first and foremost the Sound & Snow.

Famous personalities such as Franz Joseph I, Wilhelm I and Otto von Bismarck already knew that the summer resort in Gastein is something special. During this time the valley is bursting with life, there is laughter, dancing and celebrating on every corner. Because: in summer, numerous events take place in the Gastein Valley that make the hearts of all art and culture enthusiasts beat faster. From young to old, from recreation seekers to dance enthusiasts, from folk music fans to open-air lovers - in the Gastein Valley there is something for everyone.
Also the other seasons inspire both with the many traditional events and with events that people talk about for a long time, such as palm trees on the Almen! Here you experience Caribbean feeling under real palm trees in the middle of the snow!

Summer events in Gastein

Guests will find exactly what they want in Gastein in the summer. Lush green meadows, impressive mountains, thundering water and fresh clear air form a backdrop that is like something out of a fairy tale and where you can spend a wonderful vacation. In addition to the beautiful hotels and thermal spas, which are ideal for those seeking relaxation, sports enthusiasts or spa guests, there is also a wide range of events and diverse leisure activities. Delicacies from the alpine pastures and the upscale hospitality guarantee vacations for all the senses. Let our examples inspire you!


From June to the end of September, countless classical concerts make Bad Hofgastein resound. The Salzburg Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Elisabeth Fuchs gives an afternoon concert every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 4 p.m. and an evening concert at 8 p.m. with free admission. The highly esteemed organizer of Klassik:Sommer has not only put together a well-rounded program but will also be at the conductor's podium herself.


In June, July and August, the soothing forests around the three towns will be unceremoniously transformed into unique concert halls. Nine forest concerts will take place each Thursday as a matinee at 11 am. A maximum of six musicians perform in an exclusive setting in front of 30-40 listeners. The wonderful melodies, accompanied by the rustling of majestic trees and the fragrant freshness of the forest floor, will lift you into other spheres.

YOGA - a wonderful source of energy:

For all those who are looking for relaxation and strength, the Yoga Spring and Yoga Autumn in Gastein are ideal. For 2 weeks Gastein becomes YoGastein! Then it's "Namasté" again and the sun salutation gets another meaning!
Here, new energy can be recharged during guided hikes, outdoor yoga sessions and various meditations. Numerous yoga teachers from Austria and Germany come to Gastein in these weeks and teach on the yoga platform at the waterfall, at the mirror lake in Felseck, at the summit of the Stubnerkogel and of course also in the thermal hotels Gastein. As a result, the Gastein Yoga Days have become the largest yoga event in Europe - and that within just a few years!

Mountains in flames:

At the summer solstice then the mountains of the Gastein Valley in flames. According to ancient custom, on this day at nightfall the mountain fires are lit throughout the valley. A chain of lights from fireplaces stretches over the mountain tops and a mystical atmosphere descends over the valley. A magical spectacle and thus an unforgettable night that you should not miss.

Tanz:Fest Gastein:

In July, the Annual Tanz:Fest takes place in Bad Hofgastein, where visitors can learn new dances, perfect their dance style or simply have fun with physical movement. Dance evenings and workshops at the Thermenhotels Gastein round off the program and invite you to practice. Upbeat and fit, that's the course program, which covers all genres from Latin to standards to expressive dance. Making new friends with like-minded people included! And all ladies (whose male companions are more likely to be among the "dance grumps") have the opportunity to train with a dance partner!

Gasslfest in Bad Gastein

As every year, the legendary Gasslfest takes place in the streets of Bad Gastein, against the backdrop of the famous Belle Epoque buildings. Here you can taste home-made food and brews and experience the performances of the music bands and traditional costume associations. This is "savoir vivre" in Salzburg style!

Village festival in Dorfgastein

The people of Gastein know how to celebrate festivals and keep customs and traditions alive. This weekend the village street is transformed into a festival mile with music and entertainment.

Almfest in Sportgastein:

At the Nassfeld Almfest, the high plateau becomes a stage. Guests and Gasteiners dance and make music together. For refreshment, of course, there is self-righteousness from the Alm.


A very special highlight is the Gasteiner Alm:Klassik. In rustic surroundings and in lederhosen instead of tuxedos, the Salzburg Philharmonic Orchestra gives classical concerts on the alp in August and September. Every day, music is performed at a different alpine hut in Bad Hofgastein. Enjoy this incomparable musical experience in combination with a wonderful view over the Gastein mountains and a delicious Brettljausen.

Farmer's Autumn:

At the end of August, the 5th season begins in the Gastein Valley: the Bauernherbst. The summer on the alpine pastures comes to an end, the dairymen and dairywomen return to the valley with their cattle. And this is celebrated between the end of August and the end of October. With food and drink, music and song, the good alpine summer is thanked and celebrated once again. Between Dirndl and Lederhosen can be spent with culinary delicacies and regional delicacies convivial hours and enjoy the last rays of sunshine. The whole colorful spectacle is accompanied by bound hay figures and elaborate floral and hay decorations of traditional craftsmanship.

More events at a glance
Would you like to learn even more about the diverse events in the Gastein Valley? Find out about all the events and activities that make a vacation in Gastein so unique from our staff at the thermal spa hotels.

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Winter events in Gastein

When winter comes to Gastein, not only the ski season begins, but also the Advent season! During this time, you can feel in all places how important their traditional customs are to the people of Gastein. This is especially noticeable in the weeks before Christmas. The Advent markets are filled with the wonderful smell of baked apples, mulled wine and homemade cookies. Torchlight walks and sleigh rides through the snow-covered winter landscape create a very special atmosphere. With the start of the new year also begins the time of events that make Gastein a wonderful and unique winter holiday resort, as the skiing pleasure is complemented by thermal spa fun and party fun!

Find out here which events accompany you on your winter vacation in Gastein!

Advent in Gastein:

The time before Christmas is for many Gasteiners the most beautiful time of the year! Snowflakes fall, time seems to pause and the hustle and bustle locked out. Contemplative music accompanied by the scent of baked apples and cinnamon reminds one of Christmas as it used to be. At the Advent markets with their atmospheric lighting you can find traditional and homemade gifts and the tower winders, shepherd players and storytellers cast a spell over everyone.
Everywhere in the Gastein Valley customs are cultivated, Advent concerts provide the right mood and you can feel the joy of Christmas.

Advent markets:
- Traditional advent market in the historic center of Bad Hofgastein
- Art & culture market in the Weitmoser Schlössl
- Christmas market in the riding hall Oberhaitzing
- A village as an Advent calendar: From December 1 to 24, 24 houses in Dorfgastein shine in Christmas splendor and every day a window is opened.
every day a window will be opened.
- Dorfgastein Advent market on 8.12.
- Böckstein Christmas market with Advent singing in the Böckstein pilgrimage church
- Bad Gastein Christmas time

Krampuslauf in Gastein:

On December 5 and 6, 100 Krampuspassen move together with St. Nicholas from house to house to reward and punish. This custom is still maintained in Gastein in one of its original traditions. Already from far away you can hear their bells, jingles and their devil's cry!

FIS Snowboard World Cup:

As every year since 2001, the international elite of snowboarders meet right after the Christmas holidays to fight thrilling duels and fight for hundredths of a second at the FIS Snowboard World Cup. Gastein is the only home race for the Austrian skiers, so this race on the Buchebenwiese in Bad Gastein in front of the home crowd is all the more important.


Gastein is known for its special cuisine with regional delicacies. At the Markt:Auflauf in Bad Hofgastein, the thermal and winter vacation is extended by the dimension of enjoyment. Together with young chefs from the Bad Hofgastein Tourism School, experienced Gastein chefs cook up big for guests at Hampelplatz. Regional ingredients and old recipes provide the basis for the creative dishes that guarantee delights for the palate.

Art on Snow:

Art and winter - that's snow and ice sculptures. Gigantic ice cuboids become works of art and the ski slopes become "open air galleries". The Art on Snow Festival is the largest art festival in the Alps and has been taking place since 2011. This winter's motto is still a secret. Gladly every guest can try himself and prove his creativity at various painting workshops.


In the coming winter, the motto in the Snowpark Gastein is once again "Embarrass or Cash". Here all amateur snowboard freaks can prove their skills and even earn money! So show what you can do with your board and receive 5€ on your hand for every jump and slide that stands up to the strict eyes of the professional jury!

Atomic X-Perience Day:

At the Atomic X-Perience Day, the latest freeride models can be tested for free. At the same time, guided off-piste tours and freeride safety checks take place. Meeting and starting point is the Goldbergbahn mountain station.

Open Faces Freeride Tour:

Not just anyone can join the "Freeride World Tour"! First you have to qualify for it. The supreme discipline among freeriders consists of 7 qualification events in 4 provinces and in Bad Hofgastein the participants have to do this on the Mauskarspitze, the hotspot for freeride enthusiasts in Gastein.

Snow Jazz Gastein:

At the international festival SNOW JAZZ GASTEIN, the entire Gastein Valley becomes a stage! Already since 2001 the acts 2023 take place in ski huts, hotels and clubs. Skiing is even more fun when the whole valley swings to the rhythm of jazz and the sports experience is enhanced by an incomparable sound experience.

Highest farmers' market in the Alps:

Ever been shopping with your skis? That's exactly what guests of the Gastein Valley can try at the highest farmers' market in the Alps! With the skis from one delicacy to the next, the appetizer at 2700m , then enjoy a descent before you try a typical Gastein speciality at the next stop, exactly to invite the local farmers on the mountain and in the huts!

Palm trees on the alpine pastures:

Pure Caribbean atmosphere and sunny skiing together - this can only be experienced in Sportgastein! In the highest skiing area of Ski amadé, March is the time to really enjoy the winter season that is coming to an end:
Real palm trees, exotic drinks, hot sound and snow instead of sand, plus the first rays of spring sunshine!

Ski & Golf Competition:

The Ski & Golf Competition says goodbye to the ski winter and opens the golf season in Gastein! Everyone can take part and compete for the winning title together with the winter sports stars. The only way to get there is with a perfect ski turn and an equally perfect golf drive!