The traffic rules on the slopes

The good news is that the number of injuries in the organized skiing area of the province of Salzburg - i.e. on slopes and ski routes - has once again decreased, and this despite the extremely snowy winter and the increasing numbers of skiers. But every injured person on the slopes is one too many! When observing a few precautionary measures, accidents can be largely avoided.

85% of skiing injuries are due to collisions, but most of them could have been avoided by following the FIS safety rules:

Have respect for nature

As beautiful as winter is with the glistening snow-covered slopes, the blue sky and the cold clear air, it is an extremely barren and threatening time for the flora and fauna of the Gastein mountains. Plants wait protected from the cold under the snow for the next spring. Wild animals hardly find any food and depend on the few bare spots or feeders. Therefore, please respect the living space of wild animals. Ask our ski guides for suitable runs or stay only on marked slopes and trails.
Please also avoid snow-free areas and the edges of forests, as these are recreation zones for wildlife.

For a beautiful winter in Gastein for everyone!