Radon - one of the treasures from the depths of the Tauern massif

If you feel healthier after a vacation in Bad Hofgastein, it is not a coincidence and has several reasons.
The town itself is situated at the widest point of the valley and is therefore mostly flooded with light and sunshine and nestles completely against the northern mountain groups, so that the wide valley basin expands in front of it. Bad Hofgastein is thus protected from the harsh north and northwest winds. It lies on flat terrain and is the ideal starting point for relaxing walks, brisk bike tours and hikes of all levels of difficulty. Enticing mountain panoramas and the lush alpine pastures do the rest - in Gastein you can't not move. Everyone knows that exercise is good for you and - when done in the right amount - makes you happy!
By the way, the alpine climate has additional beneficial effects on metabolism, respiration, heart and circulation.

Get and stay healthy with radon

In addition to its privileged location, the Gastein Valley has another real treasure in store for your health. Warm water rises to the surface from the depths of the Tauern massif, and as it travels through the rock layers of gneiss and micaceous slate, it not only absorbs salts and trace elements, but also becomes slightly radioactive.
These radon sources have a variety of healing effects. The alpha radiation emitted by the noble gas radon not only activates the adrenal cortex and pituitary gland, it also has a stimulating effect on the blood-forming organs. Radon causes the increased release of certain messenger substances, cytokines. A very special remedy among them is TGF-Beta cytokine with anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerating effects. The slightly radioactive alpha radiation is almost completely degraded in the body after 3 hours, only in the fatty skin layers the disappearance takes 2 days. However, the positive effect on cell division and the immune system as well as the pain-reducing effect remain for several months.

Through the precious water, patients with chronic inflammatory and rheumatic degenerative diseases, arteriosclerosis, secondary conditions after paralysis, old-age ailments up to allergic diseases find relief and alleviation of their complaints.
The radon therapy is prescribed by the doctor in three ways: as air cures in the healing gallery, vapor baths or bathing in the thermal water.
The healing successes achieved in Gastein are due to an interplay of several healing factors.

The repair mechanism of the cells, which is set in motion by radon, is also good for healthy people. Bathing in warm water not only provides relaxation, but also dilates the blood vessels and promotes blood circulation. Cure and vacation can be combined in Gastein in the most pleasant way. Concerts, hikes and culinary delights provide the right mix of activity and relaxation.

More than wellness

In older writings, Bad Hofgastein is described as a kind of radiant air bath of the smallest energy due to the low-threshold radon environment in the air and praises the benefits of a stay as a "climatic cure". In addition to a radon bathing cure, simply staying in the Gastein Valley is beneficial to one's health. The deceleration, the hospitality and the wonderful nature provide a time-out from the much too stressful everyday life. Even healthy people can recharge their batteries with the numerous opportunities for relaxation, such as yoga, forest bathing or spending relaxing hours in the Alpentherme. Almost a spa treatment on the side is swimming and splashing in the two associated bathing lakes, which are filled with thermal water. The unique thermal water bathing lakes offer plenty of space for your relaxation on an area of 1,700m2. If you conquer one or the other mountain peak on a mountain bike or on foot, looking over the valley and the other mountain peaks, all problems and every annoyance suddenly become very small, even insignificant. And perhaps this is the most valuable and beautiful experience you will take away from your vacation in Gastein.