The Gastein Valley - a ski resort with history!

The Ski World Cup in 1958 laid the foundation for the Gastein Valley as "two seasons" - a tourist location - since when the boom began in earnest in the Gastein Valley as a ski destination! And so it is as the brilliant Austrian Austro Popper said almost 40 years ago "skiing is cool...".

Knock yourself out - the more than 250 kilometers of modern developed runs in the beautiful Gastein valley offer a relaxed weekend or, even better, a whole week of availability! Fun for the whole family on more than 250 km of slopes!

The great thing about Gastein - there are 4 ski areas - which, depending on the skiers skill and weather conditions offer pure skis or board enjoyment, on prepares pistes or - for the sportsfans - off-piste. This guarantees relaxation and fun for the whole family - 60 easy kilometers, 117 medium and 24 for the strong skiers and boarders. Whether Schlossalm - Angertal - Stubnerkogel, this is the largest connected ski resort with more than 1,000 m altitude differential. Or Dorfgastein - Großarl with a fabulous panoramic view or Sportgastein with the really deep snowy slopes up to 2,650 meters above sea level!

Hotel Tauernblick ***

The Tauernblick is about 30 meters from the hotel Alpina and has 6 single rooms and 15 double rooms, some with balcony. Furthermore, the hotel Tauernblick has a lift and a guest lounge

Skiing in Gastein means skiing in the ski Amadé area!

Higher - faster - further - these are superlatives of this day and age - naturally, when it comes to leisure! The Gastein valley is more than sufficient in winter for even the highest demands - so when more than 250 perfectly maintained and groomed kilometres of pistes are not enough, the whole of the Ski Amadé network with its legendary 900 kilometers downhill runs are available. Ski Amade is 5 top ski areas - together they form the Amadé ski area and thus provide real added value for all those counting on skiing and snowboarding in the no.1 winter sports region! With a ticket you have access to almost 300 ultra-modern lifts for fun on 900 km of slopes - of course for all abilities! In no other region of the Alps is there a similar abundance of choice on offer in such a small, confined space - with guaranteed snow!

And besides pure nature of course high-tech must not be forgotten: The Ski Amadé Guide app for iPhone and Android also brings us to a whole new level: The focus is on a ski navigation system - so to speak, a GPS for skiers: This suggests matching routes and so is with you all the way through the day (based on the skills of the user - this must be defined before the start) therefore you can concentrate fully on the skiing itself! All suggestions are tailored to the skill of the user, the physical condition and - most importantly - the weather and season - so you do not get lost in one of the largest ski resorts in Europe. And with free Wi-Fi you really get to use the app where you need it - on the slopes and the ski lift!

Skiing in the Gastein valley - personality is brought out!

Why is skiing in the Gastein Valley an absolute no-brainer? The personal atmosphere does it - AND everything around of course! Whether ski-hire, the chance of absolutely safe and, on request, skitours, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing course over 45 kilometers of trails - what more does the ski heart want? From experience we know in the Gastein valley that maximum slope-time is one side of the coin - on the other side the guest wants to forget the stresses of everyday life and not experience this on the slopes (neither before and after). In all the hype the guest is really keen to implement the concept of wellness and relaxation - and here you really are in the Gastein Valley and in the Spa Hotels Gastein!

The complete package is here - service, entertainment and action where you want - peace, relaxation & spa where you need it - the guest has the choice and no agonising over it - this means skiing in the Gastein Valley. So with a visit to Europe's largest health and wellness oasis, the Alpine Spa Gastein, after a day of skiing, nothing can stand in your way! See for yourself and immerse yourself in a slightly different dimension of skiing in Austria and enjoy the all-round pampering at the Spa Hotels Gastein.

Skiing safety

Skiing is not only incredibly fun, it is unfortunately also not entirely safe. So that your skiing dream does not become a nightmare, here are a few tips for a safe descent.

According to the motto "Safety First" a helmet is very important when skiing, even if the ski helmet obligation in Austria only applies to minors up to the age of 15, we strongly recommend for ALL a helmet when skiing. If you don't have a helmet with you, you can rent one at a reasonable price at ski schools and ski rentals. Every year there are accidents on the ski slopes that can result in serious head injuries. In general, before the next ski vacation, the equipment should be checked again, for example the ski bindings. To reduce the risk of injury, these should also be adjusted by a professional. By the way, knee injuries occur most frequently when skiing and snowboarding.

But not only the condition of the ski equipment should be considered, also your own condition should be taken into account when skiing down the slopes. Standing on skis all day can be quite exhausting, so we always recommend taking enough breaks. Lack of concentration and fatigue can very quickly lead to an accident on the slopes. Therefore, protect yourself and those around you.

Of course, at lunchtime, people also like to take a break at the mountain hut and, thanks to the good mood and the vacation atmosphere, are tempted to drink alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, this often leads to overestimating one's own ability and underestimating dangers, which can be dangerous for oneself and others. So we advise caution when consuming alcohol!

Facts & Figures Ski Amadé:

The Gastein Valley - the largest ski area of Ski Amade

That the Gastein Valley is a true paradise for skiers and all winter sports enthusiasts due to its wide variety of downhill runs, its guaranteed snow and the two thermal spas can be confirmed by anyone who has ever spent their winter vacation here. But did you also know that Gastein is the largest ski area in the Amadé ski association and that the longest downhill run in the central Eastern Alps awaits skiing enthusiasts here? Higher - faster - further - these are superlatives of today - of course also when it comes to leisure! The Gastein Valley meets even the highest demands in winter - because, for whom more than 200 perfectly developed and prepared kilometers of slopes are not enough, the entire Ski Amadé network with fabulous 760 (tested and confirmed with quality seal!) kilometers of fantastic slopes is available. Ski Amadé stands for 5 top ski regions - together they form the Ski Amadé Association and thus offer real added value for all those for whom skiing & boarding is the No. 1 winter sport! With one ticket on over 350 slopes - of course in all degrees of difficulty - draw his carving turns!

Ski Amadé is also one of the favorite destinations for snowboarders. No wonder - there are 20 snow and fun parks with huge kickers, gap jumps, airbags, treelines, S-rails, wallrides, half and quarter pipes. Action & Fun always on board! Whether skier or snowboarder, beginner or advanced, strengthening must be, at 260 ski huts no problem! Discovering a new skiing area with World Cup slopes every day and not having to ski the same slope twice makes you want more. Always with the Ski Amadé Guide as a free app! This suggests suitable routes depending on ability and of course weather conditions and thus accompanies the athlete in one of the largest ski areas in Europe!

Still not enough? From next winter, all "frequent skiers" with the new mega ski card for Salzburg-Tyrol even 25 ski areas, 915 cable cars and an incredible 3000 kilometers of slopes are open!

Ski Amadé

Not only for skiers who set the highest standards, but also for the enthusiastic hobby skier, the Ski Amadé offers recreational pleasure of superlatives. If the 250km of slopes in Sportgastein are not enough for you, the entire Ski Amadé network with an incredible 900 kilometers is open to you.

The Ski Amadé association stands for five top ski regions and thus offers added value for all those who expect variety when skiing or boarding. With the ticket, the winter sports enthusiast has 300 lifts at his disposal, of course in all locations and degrees of difficulty.

Such an offer can hardly be found in the alpine region and is unparalleled. Due to the special altitude, it is absolutely snow-sure in mild winters, also thanks to modern snow-making facilities.

Pure nature and high-tech are not a contradiction in the Amadé Ski Association. The perfect guide for finding your way through the slopes is the app for iPhone and Android. With the ski navigation system, the athlete always knows where he is and can thus optimally plan his ski day and find his way perfectly in the large ski area. In addition, there are some tips and information about the mountain world.