Winter off the slopes in Gastein

Vacation in Gastein in winter - most people think of the wonderful skiing areas with well-groomed slopes, sun laughing from the blue sky and imposing groups of peaks. But a vacation in Gastein means much more: the right mix of sporting activity and relaxation.
Off the slopes, of course, one immediately thinks of freeriding or ski touring - no question great experiences - but in Gastein is even more possible.

In Russian dance step

Cross-country skiing was yesterday, today it is often called skating or Nordic cruising. You skate fast on rolled snow strips and cruise in deep snow. Single and double Russentanz ensure that you pick up enormous speed and various other techniques ensure that many a downhill racer falls down humbled and exhausted. The techniques follow a natural movement pattern and activate 95% of the muscles even at moderate speed. Hardly any sport burns more calories and strengthens the heart and circulation to a comparable degree. In Gastein you can indulge in this sport on cross-country ski trails 50 km up to an altitude of 1600m. For beginners, the cross-country skiing school Gastein offers trial courses.

A completely new experience is made possible for you on the Kurparkloipe: laser biathlon shooting stands are waiting for you there. No previous knowledge is necessary. You will receive the equipment right at the cross-country skiing trail and after a short instruction you can start shooting. Experience for yourself how difficult it is to aim with concentration after the exertion of a run with a steady hand and regular breathing. This new kind of sport experience is a completely safe and cool experience even for children.

Snowshoeing is more comfortable, but you also work up quite a sweat. With this type of hiking, the focus is on experiencing nature. The snow-covered forests, the silence and the view of the majestic mountain peaks are balm for the soul. Our hiking guide Christian will show you the most beautiful paths and nooks in the Gastein Valley and tell you a lot of interesting and interesting facts along the way. The locomotion in the deep snow is not rapid, but it goes into the thighs. How good that during the subsequent visit to the thermal spa, the warm thermal water counteracts the sore muscles.

Fun and relaxation in nature

Numerous hiking trails invite you to march away directly from your accommodation.
You can explore the valley on prepared and marked trails or enjoy magnificent views on the Gastein mountains. Marvel at the naturally formed ice sculptures on the Gasteiner Ache, discover animal tracks in the glittering snowfields and warm up again in a hut with a steaming cup of tea. The fresh cold air strengthens your immune system and nature caresses your soul.

In terms of movement, ice skating is not so dissimilar to cross-country skiing. You can pursue this healthy pleasure in the Bad Hofgastein ice arena or at the Bad Gastein natural ice rink. Gliding is very good for the cardiovascular system. Coordination and sense of balance are strengthened. You can of course rent the equipment for this on site.

A lot of fun for the whole family brings a duel on the ice rink at curling! In the Alpenarena are 3 ice rinks available or just ask at the reception, at which restaurants is still the possibility to aim at the stave. Whether in a team or individually, the goal is to collect as many points as possible with skillful throws. Discussions about which stick is now closest to the stave are not excluded.
A fun highlight of the vacation is a toboggan run. In Bad Hofgastein there is an excellently prepared natural toboggan run. Bathed in floodlights, a descent is a very special experience. The Aeroplan toboggan run starts at the Aeroplanstadl ski hut above the Schlossalmbahn middle station, It is 3.3 km long and every Tuesday and Friday there is tobogganing even at night. After the hut magic, it's a brisk ride to the Oberhaitzing riding center - a short walk and you're back in the center of town. There is also a second toboggan run from the Bellevue Alm in Bad Gastein.

Winter joys for animal lovers

A horse-drawn sleigh ride is an extraordinary experience not only for horse lovers. Whether with the whole family or romantically as a couple, you can experience the perfect winter fairy tale in the Gastein Valley, wrapped in thick blankets, while the bells jingle and the horses snort.
A little more physical effort is required for a sled dog ride. Together, the preparations are made and the animals are harnessed, in addition to getting out and helping on inclines and difficult passages. As in the novels of Jack London, you can also go on a snowshoe hike in the deep snow accompanied by only one husky. For children, a day with the huskies is an exciting experience. They learn how to take care of these well-balanced animals and get a small musher diploma.
Ask at the reception for the winter adventure map, so you have an immediate insight into what all is possible in Gastein in winter. Our staff at the Thermenhotels Gastein will tell you the rest.